Nike’s free outdoor gym

Nike's free outdoor gym

Barceloneta beach is today not only a place for sun and beach, but also for sports. As you read it. If you don’t want to pay a monthly gym fee, you can now work out at Nike’s free outdoor gym that opened on June 13.

This new sports space is a reality thanks to Nike and the City Council, who finished renovating the free access training area in the Espigón del Gas on Paseo Marítim.

The joint work managed to turn the area into a spectacular open-air gym from the “Nike Training Outdoor Project”.

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Although the devices already existed, Nike and the City improved them or, more technically, rehabilitated them. The space was equipped with rings, parallel bars, elevated support bars, abdominal and weight benches that allow up to 18 different exercises to be performed.

The gym also offers equipment to practice calisthenics or “street workout”. This is a training modality for which you also do not pay the entrance fee as it can be practiced in the street. All you need is your own body weight to exercise agility, strength and flexibility.

The Nike Training Outdoor Project in Barcelona also allows you to carry out functional training. With this practice you will be able to do exercises and movements to awaken and train muscle groups that you didn’t even know you had in your body.

Nike’s free outdoor gym is a bet for Barcelona

Nike sees all the potential in the city and considers Barcelona to be important for the brand. This was proposed to expand the capacity of the sports area facilities. It also helps athletes improve their physical performance and make exercise a daily habit.

So from now on you will be able to appreciate not only sunsets on the beach, but also exercised, strong bodies doing push-ups, stretching and various physical exercises with your own body weight.

After the inauguration of Nike’s free outdoor gym, the brand seeks to create in Barceloneta an integrated space of attraction and sport fused with art and new trends.

The gym facilities are distinguished by the brand’s symbol. They feature an exceptional combination of white paint covering part of the structure that is complemented by the metallic shine of the bars.

Can you go to the Nike gym even if you don’t do these exercises?

Of course you can practice this type of training, since it is a program that is aimed at anyone, athlete or not. Then you have no excuse to dedicate your free time and make physical exercise part of your daily routine.