Do you want to start climbing? You can practice in these climbing walls

Do you want to start climbing? You can practice in these climbing walls

If you have been dreaming of climbing mountain slopes to enjoy the views and the fresh, clean air, it is best that you can first get started in climbing by practicing in a safe environment and with the assistance of professionals.

Climbing is a very complete and fun sport. Not only does it allow you to develop an optimal physical condition, but it also allows you to be in contact with nature. But at the same time it is a very demanding practice and ideally you should train in advance.

The best place to acquire this skill is a climbing wall. Barcelona offers you a good alternative of private or public climbing walls that are becoming more and more important in big cities.

How to get started climbing in climbing walls

You can simply go to one of the many climbing wall facilities in Barcelona. You can choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs. Here are some options.

La Foixarda rock climbing center, Barcelona

It is the reference climbing wall in Barcelona. Opened to the public in 2012, it is more than 15 meters high and offers vertiginous drops and a plafon as great challenges for any climber. There you will be able to do beginner or advanced training and even take the first steps to practice this sport at a competitive level.

It offers specific initiation programs for adults and children depending on their age and level of training. It is located at Carrer de la Foixarda, 14-18, 08038.

Montjuïc climbing wall

It is the largest urban climbing wall in Europe. It was conditioned for the 1992 Olympic Games. Its walls have safety anchors and you can enter free of charge. It is open all year round.

The Magnesi Climbing Room

Located in the Clot neighborhood, it has been very popular with climbing enthusiasts in recent years. It is a good place to get started in climbing. It has an area of 1000 square meters so you can do free climbing or with an instructor. In L’Hospitalet de Llobregat at 33 Fabregada Avenue there is another climbing wall of the company.

Excursionist Center of Catalonia

Although it is smaller in size, it is very effective for beginners and veterans. Ideal to get you started in climbing. Its planes are not very high and the structures are only five meters above the ground. Located in Sant Pere Més Alt street, 29.

Would you prefer to start climbing in a group?

La Panxa del Bou located in carrer de Quintana 80 in Sabadell, has a capacity for 50 climbers and is part of the competitive circuit of the Federació d’Entitats Excursionistes de Catalunya, FEEC. If you are looking for something more technical you can practice in its two climbing rooms and in a Boulder cave.