New cultural center opens in Barcelona

New cultural center opens in Barcelona

The deteriorated Vallvidrera market in Barcelona will be refurbished and transformed into a new cultural center. That is the objective of the City Council, which has put out to tender the works to open a new cultural center in Barcelona.

For some time now, the neighbors of the area have been demanding the space after the old market closed ten years ago. Since then the building has gradually deteriorated and is empty. It is occasionally used for cultural rehearsals or by a consumer cooperative.

The project seeks to completely remodel it and turn it into a creative venue for a variety of cultural activities.

Will Barcelona soon have a new cultural center?

Three municipal governments have already passed during this decade and the project has been postponed from one to another. However, it seems that the time has come to take it up again. The total budget for the tender of the works is 1,659,936.25 euros and the scheduled completion period is just over a year.

Work is thus scheduled to begin in the fall of this year, which could lead to completion by the end of 2020. The total area of the construction would be 700 square meters.

What the remodeling will be like

The project seeks to rehabilitate both the facade and the roof of the old market, while preserving its volume and the original decorative and traditional elements. The ground floor, which has an area of 559.50 square meters, will also be remodeled.

According to the district’s municipal archives, all the roof tiles are broken at several points or even missing. For this purpose, they will be dismantled and replaced after the roof has been waterproofed and thermally insulated. Some points of the walls where water leaks are registered will also be fixed.

The works are planned to be as versatile as possible, as it is intended that this same space can be adapted and configured to the needs of different activities, whether in a large, medium or small room.

Another aspect contemplated by the project is to provide adequate acoustic insulation, since the current acoustic insulation does not comply with current regulations.

What it will be like inside

It is planned to remove the pillars to build an open-plan multi-purpose hall with a capacity for 260 people.

The neighbors think that in this new cultural space it will be possible to hold meetings, assemblies and rehearsals of the entities, as well as cultural activities such as workshops, debates, rehearsals and theatrical and musical performances.

The site will have side rooms of about 20 m2, a bar-office, a lobby, storage room, changing room and toilets. It will also have air conditioning installations. With all this, a new cultural center is expected to open in Barcelona.