This is the most beautiful restaurant in Barcelona in Europe

This is the most beautiful restaurant in Barcelona in Europe

This is the Aürt at the Hilton Diagonal Mar hotel. This was listed as the most beautiful restaurant in Barcelona in Europe. The International Hotel & Property Awards 2019 presented the award to Aürt in the Best European Restaurant Design 2019 category.

This recognition is for the ambiance, design and architecture that allow to liven up the atmosphere of the place.

Aürt is a project of the Catalan chef Artur Martínez. It is located in the lobby of the Hilton Diagonal Mar hotel. There you can taste the delicacies of the house and enjoy the elegance, good taste and design of the restaurant, aspects that made it worthy of the award.

When did the most beautiful restaurant in Europe start in Barcelona?

Aürt opened its doors last February after Martinez closed his small restaurant Capritx in Terrassa. He wanted to bring the menu and his exquisite drinks to the Hilton Diagonal Mar. The renowned London firm The Hickson Design was commissioned to design the new space.

It has seating for only 15 diners in the gastronomic restaurant and has a work area and sofas called “Ma’i”. In this area you can enjoy pleasant drinks and a variety of snacks, as well as delicious and traditional alternatives of pastries, artisan bakery, stews of the day, tapas and charcuterie or dishes.

Nick Hickson, director of the architecture and interior design firm that has worked with the Hilton hotel chain on this and other creations, tells the COMER Channel that the main goal was to make the food the protagonist. The purpose was achieved by creating an intimate dining experience where the chef could have a very direct confrontation with his diners.

Design challenges

However, the original idea had a drawback: the restaurant would be part of the hotel lobby. In this context, creating an intimate experience was a challenge that the architectural team finally met.

One of the strategies is to have chosen a restrained, simple and very bold color palette. Also add hard, angular design shapes for the sole purpose of focusing attention directly on the food.

Aürt also inspired his entire interior design in the Mediterranean environment and the city of Barcelona, hence the restaurant is characterized by the use of few colors, all earthy and warm tones. The petroleum blue and burnt orange tones stand out as a symbol of light and the spirit of Barcelona. The furniture is a mix of contemporary Spanish design.

Europe’s most beautiful restaurant in Barcelona has its own personality. It marks the difference with the rest of the lobby area by subtly integrating the forms present in the three areas: the restaurant, the bar and the lobby.