Los Tortillez, to enjoy traditional food in Gràcia

Los Tortillez, to enjoy traditional food in Gràcia
Image courtesy of lostortillez.com, all rights reserved.

Viqui Martínez and Liad Finkelstein, who head the gastronomic project of Los Tortillez at 299 Consell de Cent street, explain that the creation of their establishment was driven by a palpable need. With nostalgia, they observed the disappearance of the classic tapas bars, those emblematic places where you could enjoy traditional dishes such as pincho de tortilla, ensaladilla or callos. It was then at the end of 2019 when they decided to embark on this adventure in the Gràcia neighborhood, with the firm intention of recreating a space that embodied the essence of traditional food.

One of the fundamental premises for Martínez and Finkelstein was to add “added value” to their culinary project. They opted for inclusiveness and, as a result, integrated people with intellectual disabilities into their team. This decision earned them one of the prestigious National Hospitality Awards in 2023. Among these employees is David, who has stood out for his poise and friendliness in dealing with customers, demonstrating that skills transcend any prejudice.

Los Tortillez, an unexpected success in times of change

When Los Tortillez started their project, tortillas were not the emblem of the place. However, the 2020 pandemic forced it to rethink its business model. Faced with the impossibility of sharing plates and the growing trend of eating at home, the idea of making smaller, personalized tortillas was born. With or without onion, cooked, cooked to the point or raw, the creativity to combine ingredients such as sobrasada, cheese, cod, zucchini, bacon or jalapeños became a resounding success.

Demand grew quickly, leading them to look for larger premises in the heart of Eixample, in the charming green axis of Consell de Cent. But before acquiring it, they had to convince Suso and Mari Carmen, a Galician couple who were retiring and who ran the establishment.

The process was almost like a “casting”, where the owners, after an exhaustive one-week evaluation in the kitchen with Suso, finally got their approval. As a tribute, Mari Carmen’s octopus á feira is still on the menu.

Los Tortillez, to enjoy traditional food in Gràcia1
Image courtesy of lostortillez.com, all rights reserved.

From juicy tortillas to “other wonders”.

Although juicy and varied tortillas are the specialty, Los Tortillez does not limit itself to this classic. Its tapas offer includes crunchy and mellow croquettes, grandmother’s cuttlefish meatballs and delicious codfish cocochas al pilpil. The menu is renewed according to the season, incorporating dishes such as tripe or cabbage trinxat during the winter. In addition, the proposal is completed with pickles and pickles, combining perfectly with the eighties aesthetics of the premises.

Los Tortillez invite you to live the whole experience in their premises, with a very eighties aesthetic. Although they serve around 300 people a day, reservations are recommended, especially if you want to enjoy the experience at the bar.

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