Discover the magic of Bubble Planet: an immersive experience that conquers Barcelona

Discover the magic of Bubble Planet: an immersive experience that conquers Barcelona

Get ready to dive into a fantasy world where bubbles come to life and imagination is unleashed. Bubble Planet, the immersive experience that has triumphed in cities such as London, Milan and several locations in the United States, now arrives in Barcelona to offer a unique adventure full of color, fun and surprises.

From April 19, 20024, the people of Barcelona will have the opportunity to enter a surreal universe where bubbles are the protagonists.

In this sensory experience, visitors will be able to explore eleven different themed environments, each designed to stimulate the senses and awaken creativity.

Bubble Planet, the acclaimed exhibition that has captivated audiences around the world, now arrives in Barcelona to offer an unparalleled sensory adventure. With eleven different themed environments and state-of-the-art technology, this experience promises to awaken the imagination and senses of children and adults alike.

Discover the magic of Bubble Planet

One of the most striking attractions of Bubble Planet is its huge bubble pool, where participants can dive into a sea of shiny, transparent spheres.

But the fun doesn’t stop there; the experience also includes themed rooms such as ‘Balloon Getaway’, which simulates a thrilling hot air balloon flight, and ‘Cloud Room’, where visitors can relax on inflated mattresses while gazing at the sky.

With light effects, special effects and careful attention to detail, Bubble Planet offers a multi-sensory experience that will captivate people of all ages.

Whether jumping through gigantic bubbles, exploring fantastic landscapes or being carried away by the magic of virtual reality, visitors will find themselves immersed in a dream world where the possibilities are endless.

Conceived as a multi-sensory experience, this exhibition combines virtual reality, creative lighting and constant interaction with the public to create an environment full of wonder and fun.

From a huge bubble pool to surreal landscapes and fantastic scenery, every corner of Bubble Planet offers a new surprise and an opportunity to explore the magic of bubbles.

Tickets on sale

Tickets for Bubble Planet go on sale February 27. Ticket prices start at €14.90 for adults and €11.90 for children, making this experience accessible to all.

Bubble Planet promises to be an unforgettable experience for children, adults and all the inhabitants of Barcelona and its surroundings.

Thanks to its fascinating and unique combination of cutting-edge technology, creative design and pure fun, this immersive exhibition will take visitors on a journey through a bubble universe where imagination knows no bounds. You can’t miss it and have fun like a kid.




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