Live music for reading a book or drinking coffee

Música en vivo para leer un libro o tomar café

Byron Librería & Café & Espais, located in Barcelona’s Eixample district, has become one of the city’s most important cultural and live music venues in the last three years.

The venue offers a unique and welcoming experience, where customers can enjoy literature, gastronomy and the arts.

Byron aims to encourage reading as a leisure activity and create a social space and one of the cultural activities it offers is live music.

Byron has attracted a large number of people with music cycles of different styles.

Live music for reading and coffee

The idea of live music came about when the bookshop opened its doors in 2020.

Mariana Sarrias, one of the founders of the Huygens publishing house, explains that the idea was to have books, music, theatre and everything that makes up culture in one place.

Over time, and as the health situation has improved, Byron has started up all the pending projects, including the music cycles.

Currently, Byron offers music cycles of various styles, such as Cuban music, from the most folkloric to funky and classical music.

According to Sarrias, the common thread of the concerts is that the music programmed comes from the cultural environment, from Latin America to France, including Spain and all its regions.

In many cases, the classical style is made up of voice and piano, and the singing is related to poems by authors such as Neruda or Apollinaire and many other composers and writers that have been set to music.

Sarrias points out that they don’t want every concert to have a relationship with literature, but it often comes naturally, as it is intrinsically linked.

The live music cycles have been very well received by the public, especially those of Cuban music.

Sarrias recalls that they had doubts about what would happen with the classical music concerts, but there has been a good reception thanks to the great offer of this style of music in Barcelona and the large auditoriums in the city.

Art, music and literature brought together on the same stage

Byron has created a unique experience where customers can enjoy literature, music and the arts.

In addition to live music, the bookshop also offers a variety of cultural and social activities.

Sarrias says that they are already working on the next cycles and looking for other styles of music. However, Byron prefers to maintain a format that is similar to chamber music, but more modern or contemporary.

Byron Librería & Café & Espais is an exceptional place in Barcelona to enjoy reading and drinking coffee with good music.

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