“Barcelona” ice cream: an ice cream with identity

El helado “Barcelona”: un helado con carácter

The Badiani ice cream parlour has risen to fame in Barcelona, where it offers a “new concept” of artisan ice cream. It has just launched an iconic ice cream: Barcelona ice cream, an ice cream with character.

The brand, founded in 1932, is one of the oldest and most emblematic in Italy and the most renowned for preparing high quality artisan gelato with natural and fresh ingredients.

The shop, located at 232 Carrer Rosselló, near Passeig de Gràcia, offers customers the opportunity to see how artisanal gelato is made on the premises.

Badiani’s founder and master gelato maker, Paolo Pomposi, is one of the most prominent names in the Italian and Anglo-Saxon gelato industry.

In 2015, he received the award for the best artisan gelato flavour in the world for his Buontalenti ice cream, made with cream, milk, sugar and eggs.

“Barcelona” ice cream: reflecting the essence of the city

One of the novel flavours is the “Barcelona” ice cream, which has been specially designed to capture the flavour and character of the city.

This ice cream is made with white chocolate, turmeric and raspberry, giving it a yellow and red colour that represents the Catalan flag.

Paolo Pomposi explained that Catalans have “a lot of character” and that is why he wanted to offer an ice cream that reflects this same characteristic in both flavour and colour.

In addition to the “Barcelona” ice cream, the Badiani ice cream parlour offers other unique ice cream flavours that are designed for every occasion.

For example, for Easter, they offer “Colomba” ice cream, made with a traditional Italian bread.

During Christmas, they make ice cream with “panetone” and “pandoro”. And for Sant Jordi’s Day, they prepare a cream and egg-based ice cream with caramel and chocolate and flower sauces on top.

The ice cream parlour also offers vegan and lactose-free ice creams, made with water instead of milk but with 25% chocolate to maintain their sweetness.

Sweets and other delicacies

In addition to ice cream, the Badiani ice cream parlour also offers a wide selection of traditional sweets and delicacies in its coolers, including biscuits, stick ice creams and cakes, all made with ice cream.

During the winter, they work together with Pastisseria Joan and offer traditional sweets created by Albert Sánchez, winner of the third edition of the best roscón de reyes and one of the best pastry artisans.

The opening of the Badiani ice cream parlour in Barcelona is yet another example of how the city has become a top gastronomic destination in recent years.

With its rich culinary history and its offer of fresh, high-quality products, Barcelona attracts visitors from all over the world looking to experience authentic Catalan cuisine.