LaRavala and Olimpic, 2 vintage bars for young people

LaRavala and Olimpic, 2 vintage bars for young people

It is quite normal for the old to attract the young. It’s something like an “old-young” concept that is very well appreciated and experienced at La LaRavala and Olimpic, which, although they are old bars, attract young people during the weekend. We will tell you about these 2 vintage bars for young people that are setting trends in Barcelona.

The atmosphere you feel in these two places makes you feel the decoration, music, art and good taste of the past, but today they vibrate with all their splendor.

2 vintage bars for young people


This old bar located at Address: Carrer de la Luna, 1, 08001 in Barcelona in the well-known corner of Ciutat Vella, is one of the most popular in the city. Very crowded especially on weekends by groups of young people between 20 and 30 years old.

They gather to laugh, talk, make merry and always ask for another round. All between music and the funny flags with flamenco figures that are all over the ceiling of the place. You will be able to enjoy some great tortillas and other specialties. The atmosphere is very colloquial and familiar even to enter the bathroom because lines are formed in which you can go sympathizing with the other visitors of the place.

You can also enjoy a wide range of cool cocktails that will brighten up the night.

No one knows how long this site has been open. Apparently it was renovated in 1992, but its decoration and the construction itself make it special and unforgettable. Above the bar there are red light bulbs, a projector to watch Flash Gordon fight to the rhythm of Pulp, and a whole kitsch decoration with bright colors.

You will also enjoy a large sofa in the background, armchairs at the entrance and several light reflections flickering on the wall, that distinguishes it. Students, freaks and geeks gather there looking for their own space.

Bar Olimpic

This is the tasca of a lifetime with a delicious menu of tapas renewed. It offers a young atmosphere with plaster armchairs and a touch of kitsch. Located at Carrer de Joaquín Costa, 25, 08001 Barcelona is another of the 2 vintage bars for young people.

This bar of old people for young people in Barcelona’s Raval has no door. This makes Joaquín Costa street a permanent shelf accessible to everyone so that you can taste the peck in all its splendor.

You will find hummus, nachos, assorted montaditos, chicken salad, corn and avocado, boneless kid, mushroom and foie cannelloni and its famous patatas bravas, Arenys shrimp. To drink you have the option of tasting cocktails like the mojito, or some natural juices. They also offer traditional draft beers or mixed drinks baptized with the names of famous Olympic cities.

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