Kangoo Jumps: exercise while bouncing

Kangoo Jumps: exercise while bouncing

Do you want to jump and jump like a kangaroo but in the city? We tell you about the perfect place where you can put on your boots to experience something like a healthy and hangover-free “after party”. Kangoo Jumps is a good place to get active with music and good energy. “Exercise by bouncing” is its purpose.

Your fellow jumpers may have their faces scrunched up as they bounce around without a planned destination. What the assistants assure is that you feel the happiest of life because you look like a child with the permanent desire to smile for the happiness of jumping.

Replace psychiatric therapy with jumping jacks that will make you laugh, change your mood and sweat all the time.

Exercise by bouncing: you can burn between 1,000 and 1,200 calories.

Following a class will make you sweat, laugh and become very exhausted. Upon arrival you are given a pair of “rebound boots”, somewhat similar to those used for skiing, with the difference that they have a shock absorber underneath.

Some say they look like the boots of a B series Iron Man. As you put them on and adjust them, they tell you that the boots were created around the 90’s for injury rehabilitation. They are excellent because they absorb 80% of the impact of the soil. Each boot weighs approximately two kilos.

Then comes the shocking moment: standing up awkwardly (be careful) and then believing you are a giant NBA player. Enjoy the altitude because when you get off you will certainly not feel the same.

Soon you will surely walk by feel, astronaut style, but in a minute you will be jumping without stopping. The secret is to always keep your back straight and looking straight ahead.

You will start to sweat and burn about a thousand calories during exercise. It will also help you sleep peacefully at night. It is a wonderful way to reduce stress and forget about worries.

Rebound therapy and kangoo types

As a therapy it is becoming more and more known on the Internet and is already categorized as a cushioned sport with increasing demand. It has been practiced in Barcelona for several years. Especially the boots cause a lot of curiosity.

Get a bouncy workout with these 5 types of kangoo:

  • Kangoo power: a mix of zumba and aerobics.
  • Kangoo dance: a lot of dancing.
  • Kangoo kick and punch: where jumping is integrated with boxing and kicking.
  • Kangoo Discovery: exclusive for children.
  • Kangoo boot camp: military training style.

The practice has been so popular that there is already an international Kangoo Jumps Festival Fitness, with international instructors and a world championship of choreography with boots.

The first Kangoo Club in Barcelona was opened in 2016. Address: Carrer del Taquígraf Garriga, 95, 08029.