Husky House: a café for dog lovers

Husky House: a café for dog lovers

Do you want to comfortably get home to have a delicious cup of coffee and be warmly welcomed by four beautiful Siberian Husky dogs? Well, now you can do it at Husky House, a new place in the Gòtic at Carrer de Julià Portet, 8, 08002, where they offer delicious coffee for dog lovers.

The huskies are Shining, Sherman, Shen and Sherly (the only female) whom you can pet and have an unforgettable time with. Admission is only 5 euros so you can spend as much time as you want with these adorable puppies playing and have your picture taken as a member of their household.

The initial boom of this type of places started with the “cats cafes”. The difference is that you visit kittens while having a drink. Now Barcelona has the innovative but doggy version of Husky House.

A café for dog lovers

The Husky house varies from the cat house in that there is no variety of beverages or food for customers here, it is not cafeteria/bar style. It is a lovely place where you can go to taste a good coffee and enjoy these beautiful specimens. There you will be able to feed them, play and enjoy a clean place and very well groomed puppies.

If you do not have space at home to have a dog or your time does not allow you to have one, Husky House is the solution to enjoy these four friends as if you were at home.

Its owner Natalia Suslova, also born in Siberia, is the owner of the puppies and creator of the shop in the center of Barcelona.

He says he was inspired by seeing in Siberia how his parents raise sled dogs, especially Alaskan malamutes and huskies. They also use to rescue them because people do not have the time or energy to take care of them and that is where the idea of this house came from.

Natalia’s goal is to turn the house into a playful space where there is coffee for dog lovers and to enjoy canine company. All of this without visitors having to comply with the obligations involved in raising a pet.

Now if you also have a well-behaved dog that can share the same space with the other dogs, you can go to the house in their company. Please note that if you do so, you will be responsible for the actions of your pet at Husky House.

If you want to play and cuddle with the four husky siblings you can do it from Monday to Saturday from 16.00h to 20.00h.

In Catalonia you can also enjoy many canines volunteering. Also walking them, cleaning their cages or helping financially for their maintenance in specialized care homes.