7Fun: for intrepid kids

7Fun: for intrepid kids

This space of about 2,000 square meters is the ultimate in virtual reality, maze challenges and climbing. It is 7Fun, for intrepid children, located in the SOM Multiespai shopping center, in the former Heron City.

This new space, ideal for family leisure, will make everyone feel pure adrenaline.

The four universes of 7Fun

It is a multicolored paradise divided into four universes. We will tell you which one suits you according to your fun tastes.


Climbing area for the little ones. It has 16 panels and 22 levels of difficulty. Upon entering, the children will receive basic instructions from the monitors and they will be helped to put on their climbing equipment. It has an anchoring system that detects the weight and slows down the descent, so that children can recover the rope without the help of an adult.

Children will be able to climb in pairs or alone for 60 minutes, either among geometric shapes and figures or on a wall. Price 11,95 €.


It is a challenge course with mats. At first glance it looks like a ball park, but it is really a challenge course with soft elements of different colors and shapes and mats. The Ninjaplay is part of the 7Fun for intrepid children from 4 to 12 years old. Price 6,95 €, half hour.

Immotion VR

It offers you these spectacular virtual reality simulators for young or more mature audiences. The simulators are:

  • Racer and Rider for you to experience what motorcycle and car racers feel.
  • Cinema Pod to vibrate you with powerful sensations
  • Gun where you can use weapons (adults only)
  • Explorer to meet various challenges. The simulator interprets your real movements and transfers them to the virtual one.

Price 5.95 per 15-minute session.

Photogenic climbing walls

They overlook the upper terrace. The main climbing wall has about 10 routes from level 5 to 7b (maximum is 9b+-) measuring between 25 meters wide by 9 meters high. Right next to it is a 4.5 wall with a mat on the floor where children can try out. Price 5,90 €. Special packages for birthday celebrations are also available.

How 7Fun was born: for intrepid kids

The creators of this sensational project is Climbing Planet, a leading manufacturer of sports equipment and climbing walls. Thanks to his experience, he was able to integrate the thrill of climbing with the world and adrenaline of virtual simulators.

By 2015 it managed to obtain the rights in Europe from Australia’s Zero Latency, which developed innovative technology creating next-generation wireless games where up to eight players can participate.

For the Christmas season, Barcelona’s 7Fun will be complemented by the opening of a 600-square-meter venue called “Zero Latency.

Address: Centro Comercial SOM (avenida de Rio de Janeiro 42, 08016) Barcelona

More information at: https://www.7funcenter.com/home

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