Boa-Bao, a restaurant for wok food lovers

Boa-Bao, a restaurant for wok food lovers

Recipes from 11 Asian countries in one place in a Saigon tavern atmosphere. This is Boa-Bao, the trendy restaurant in Barcelona for wok food lovers. The site offers a large number of dishes, about 64, which change over the months. All of them revolving around wok, bao and curry.

Boa-Bao takes you on a gastronomic journey through the world of 11 countries from India to Japan, passing through Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, China, Cambodia, Taiwan and Korea. There you can enjoy a varied menu of drinks and Asian food.

The site is open daily from 1:00 p.m. to midnight and occupies the premises where the Joan Gaspar gallery used to operate.

The decoration and a light that projects life to the interior of the establishment make you feel as if you were traveling through Asia. The restaurant has two bars where it is possible to eat in front of the open kitchen or enjoy a classic cocktail in front of the waiters.

Delicacies for wok food lovers

If you look at the boarding pass-like menu, you will be able to choose finger food dishes to eat without cutlery.

Most of the specialties are for sharing. Such is the case of the black bao prepared with bamboo ash of battered sea bass, spices and flours, pickled yellow radish and with spicy mayonnaise as dressing.

Another dish is Malaysian yellow curry with chicken, potatoes, turmeric, bamboo and onion. A must-try is the salt and pepper fried calamari with tamarind sauce, as well as the salads and soups.

While you won’t find a lunch menu, there is a daily special that is an economical solution. This dish can be eaten at the restaurant or you can take it packed. The one of the day always offers two options including coffee and drink. The average price of this menu is 25 euros, it all depends on the one you choose.

Address of Boa-Bao: Plaça del Dr. Letamendi, 1, 08007

As wok food lovers, you should know what wok is.

The wok (kuo in Mandarin) is a cooking utensil from China. It is something like a round, deep frying pan with handles for gripping. Its average diameter is 30 cm. It is made of steel, cast iron or some are made of aluminum.

It is used to sauté the food making “Cantonese” (a term used in Chinese gastronomy), a constant movement so that the food keeps its own smell and flavor.

This utensil has been widely used in China for a long time, although in Western kitchens it is something new.