Barcelona is a gastronomic destination par excellence

Mediterranean cuisine is one of the best known worldwide, along with other delicious gastronomic proposals very typical of Catalan food. That is why, as time goes by, the fact that Barcelona is the gastronomic destination par excellence for locals and tourists is becoming more and more consolidated.

Barcelona is a gastronomic destination par excellence

Undoubtedly the excellent Mediterranean cuisine, Michelin-starred restaurants and a wide variety of establishments along the streets of Barcelona, make Barcelona the preferred place to indulge your palate.
Today we tell you about those restaurants that have contributed to the claim that Barcelona is the gastronomic destination par excellence.

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Restaurants with gastronomic excellence in the City of Barcelona

ABaC Restaurant by Jordi Cruz

The ABaC is one of the greats responsible for the international projection of Mediterranean food. Each dish offered is studied to the millimeter with the sole purpose of seducing the most demanding palates. Its varied menu together with the excellence of the product and service, make this restaurant one of the preferred by the high palates. Dining at ABaC is an unparalleled experience accompanied by its beautiful gardens. Located at Avda. Tibidabo, 1 08022 – Barcelona.

Two Chopsticks

Although it is not very well known, the interior of El Raval opens space for Dos Palillos, one of the most promising proposals worldwide. Located in carrer Elisabets, 9 and already has a Michelin star. It is characterized by offering a diverse cuisine that is so delicious because it is able to integrate the intensity of oriental gastronomy with dishes of Mediterranean origin.


This proposal is headed by Jordi Vilà, who offers visitors different proposals depending on the season. Located in Ronda de Sant Antoni, 39 and is listed as one of the most distinguished restaurants in the city. His specialty is to reinterpret the main dishes of Barcelona’s culinary identity.

International recognition as measured on Web portals

There are tourism portals where customers tell their opinions and rate restaurants and food in Barcelona. One of them is the Viajero portal, which registers some 455 million monthly visits worldwide.

This portal segments the nationalities that prefer the cuisine of Barcelona. Their statistics conclude that Hungarians give the best marks (4.42) to our cuisine, along with Australians (4.42) and Russians (4.41). The average score for foreigners is 4.23, while the average score for nationals is 3.93. They also point out that the British and Americans are the ones who consult the most content about Barcelona.

The data confirms it: Barcelona is the gastronomic destination par excellence.