La Catalista, a wine bar with fusion cuisine

La Catalista, a wine bar with fusion cuisine

A different bar-restaurant with bites from there and drinks from here. This site is an innovative proposal for lovers of good wine and fusion cuisine. This is La Catalista, a wine bar where you can enjoy exquisite wines from small Catalan wineries, accompanied by appetizing dishes with an international touch.

At La Catalista they assure that Catalan wines are special and different. For this reason they are supplied by the production of small family wineries that offer a very good wine, made from local native grapes processed with ancient and modern winemaking techniques.

One of the techniques is biodynamic and ecological, which achieves the integration of self-sustainability, the work of the land, the vine and science. All in order to achieve an exquisite bouquet on the table.

The inputs used to make these wines come directly from nature, without the intervention of any industrial process.

La Catalista, a very authentic wine bar

The wines you can taste in this wine bar are 100% Catalan wines produced with love and dedication by small producers. You can go to La Catalista and enjoy every drink combined with a delicious meal without protocols and with complete freedom.

At the Catalista you have all the elements to achieve a perfect mix between delicious dishes and a good wine. Depending on the recipe you choose, you can choose the bottle, glass or half glass of wine that best matches the dish. You will surely achieve the perfect pairing for your palate.

The menu and prices at La Catalista

You can go for a drink from 3,5 €. However, there are some daily specials that are between 5 and 7 € that you can have while you dine, taste some tapas or savor a snack. The most delicious thing about the bar is that the wine you choose is sure to have the perfect dish to go with it.

A very good option for you to choose is the “Catalista wine flight” because it allows you to taste three half glasses for only half the price of one glass. Another option is to choose the “Chef meal flight” to try three half portions with three half glasses.

Examples of pairings

The gourmand wine Loidana 2018 from Marco Abella (Priorat), was born to be drunk with some exquisite barbecued veal cannelloni with bell pepper bechamel and mole poblano sauces.

Ikigall 2018 white wine (Penedès) pairs perfectly with sautéed scallops with roasted cauliflower, eggplant and Egyptian vinaigrette or “dukkah” (a mixture of seeds and nuts typical of Eastern cuisine).

Average price per dish: 25 €.

Address: Carrer dels Carders, 11, 08003 Barcelona. Tuesday to Sunday from 14h. Monday closed.


Update 2022: GOOGLE notes that the restaurant has regrettably closed.