When Barcelona became a movie city

When Barcelona became a movie city

Barcelona is recognized worldwide for its beauty, architecture and modernism. Also for its gastronomy and beach. In fact, it is one of the most visited cities by tourists in Europe. It seems that this environment has attracted the attention of several film directors to film in the city. Barcelona was definitely transformed into a movie city.

The great advantage of the City of Barcelona, according to film producers and directors, is that it is made up of several districts that are very different from each other. The various facets of the city have made it possible to shoot drama and period films.

A good option to get to know what Barcelona was like years ago is to watch the movies that have been filmed in the city over several decades. Cinema has managed to “embalm” in time iconic sites of the city, such as the terrace of La Pedrera in “The Reporter” with Jack Nicholson or La Rambla in “Los Tarantos”, among others.

With these tapes, Barcelona was transformed into a movie city.

All about my mother

Written and directed by Pedro Almodóvar in 1999. It was the first Spanish film to win a Golden Globe and an Oscar. For the first time, the renowned director moved his recordings from Madrid to Barcelona.

During his scenes you can see emblematic sites of Barcelona such as the Columbus Monument, La Sagrada Familia and the Palau de la Música.

Perfume: the story of a murderer

Directed by Tom Tykwer and released in 2006. The film is set in the characteristic atmosphere of France in the 17th century. Its main character Jean-Baptiste Grenouille is born in a fish market; his mother believes him to be dead and abandons him there. The child grows up with a highly developed sense of smell and eventually begins to work with a perfumer from whom he learns to distill essences. This gave him the idea of wanting to trap women’s smells in a perfume.

In the film you can see in all its splendor the Bisbe street, the cathedral of Barcelona and the Sant Felip Neri square. In this square, after following a plum seller motivated by her smell, he ends up drowning her by accident.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Undoubtedly, Barcelona was transformed into a movie city thanks to this renowned film directed by Woody Allen. Most of the scenes were filmed in the city. The film shows the Citadel Park, Park Güell and the Ramblas. La Casa Milà (La Pedrera) can also be seen.

The film starred Javier Bardem, Scarlett Johansson and Penélope Cruz, who won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for this performance.