In Barcelona there is a triple-screen movie theater

In Barcelona there is a triple-screen movie theater

The new triple screen movie theater is the new experience offered by Filmax Gran Vía Cinemas in Barcelona. They now have two theaters with 270-degree screens that opened on June 21 with the film Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

“La Triple Pantalla Screen X” is the first in Catalonia and the second in Spain. Its main novelty is that the traditional screen as we know it is extended to the side walls of the cinema. In this way, a 270-degree screen is obtained to make viewers feel that they are inside the film.

The triple screen movie theater

Attendees at the Filmax Gran Vía Cinemas applauded this technological innovation, giving them a unique cinematic experience. The technology has been implemented in conjunction with the collaboration of the Film Technology Company.

The 270-degree screen is one of the most innovative, modern and avant-garde cinema technologies in Barcelona, as it gives attendees the full immersive feeling of the moment.

Filmax Gran Via Cinemas are the only ones in Spain that offer both “4DX” and “Triple Screen X” movie theaters. Just remember that in the case of the “4DX” cinema, multi-sensory experiences are offered, allowing the audience to connect with the movies through real sensations such as vibration, movement, wind, water, snow, smells, lightning and other special effects.

The main difference between a traditional 2D or 3D projection versus 4DX is that the audience seats are mounted on hydraulic lifts that move according to the scenes and camera inclinations.

Summer programming at the triple screen movie theater

For the beginning of the summer, these are the movies you can see in “La Triple Pantalla Screen X”:

  • July 5: Spiderman: Far From Home
  • July 12: Annabelle Comes Home (July 12)
  • August 1: Fast&Furious: Hobbs & Shaw

Who are the creators of this technology

The Seoul-based South Korean conglomerate “CJ”, a world leader in the entertainment industry, is the architect of this spectacular 270-degree visual experience. So far the technology is only in 200 theaters worldwide along with the 4DX Room.

If you are in Barcelona this summer and you love the seventh art, you can see a movie at the Filmax Gran Vía Cinemas, which proudly boast of being the only ones in Spain to have two immersive theaters. The entrance fee for “The Triple Screen X” is 13.30 euros.