Have fun at the Poblenou Beer Fair

Have fun at the Poblenou Beer Fair

From July 5 to 7, 2019 you can enjoy the seventh edition of the Poblenou Beer Fair, the largest and most important craft beer fair in Barcelona.

It’s not all sun and sand this summer. That’s why we propose you to experience another plan with more than 30 thousand attendees, the presence of 50 breweries from 13 countries, more than 200 varieties of beers, 18 tastings, 10 DJs and about 15 food trucks.

As is traditional, the event will host local and international exhibitors, among which are the producers of the beers themselves, who will be there to explain how they make and produce them.

You can also enjoy a wide gastronomic offer in the 15 food trucks located in the corners of the Parc de Poblenou and a new pairing space ‘Food Loves Beer’ or the “Face to Face Tastings”.

Have a great time at Poblenou Beer Fair

What could be better than sipping an ice-cold beer on a hot day, while participating in three days of tastings, presentations, music, contests, food trucks and fun activities.

Beer and partying make for a good combination of summer sun, live music, dancing in the street and special activities even for the little ones.

National Beer Championship at the festival

As part of the Poblenou Beer Fair, the National Beer Championship, NBC, is also held, the winners of which are announced at the beer festival in Barcelona.

The competition is open to Spanish brewers who meet the eligibility criteria. For example, beers are judged and analyzed by how true they are to the style they represent. Groups include:

  • Lager, beer whose fermentation is cold fermented using special yeasts. Its name derives from the German word “lagern” which means to keep. It has an accentuated flavor and is served very cold.
  • (A) British ales and (B) B: IPA
  • European and American classic specialties Sour Styles
  • (A) Historical and other alternative/special styles
  • (B) Beer with spices, herbs or vegetables
  • Black Ales Porter & Stout

Opening hours of the Poblenou Beer Fair in Barcelona

Friday, July 5: 16: 00 to 00: 00
Saturday, July 6: 12: 00 to 01: 00
Sunday, July 7: 12: 00 to 22: 00

Some of the beers that will be at the fair are:

  • Áles
  • Almogàvers
  • Althaia (Alicante)
  • Black Lab
  • Basqueland Brewing (Basque Country)
  • Cyclic beer farm
  • Dowel
  • Iron spine
  • Edge Brewing
  • Garagar (Basque Country)
  • Guineu
  • La Quince
  • The Pirate
  • The Skull
  • Popaire

More information on the official website: https://www.lafiradelpoblenou.com/