Four bars to distract you with board games

Four bars to distract you with board games

There are unforgettable board games that bring back memories of childhood or family moments that have no comparison. But over the years these games are forgotten, put away or simply lost. If you want to play dominoes, Goose, Monopoly, Chess, Parcheesi, Taboo, Trivia, among many others, we tell you where you can do it.

The advantage is that these places are also bars where, in addition to playing, you can enjoy some delicacies for the palate accompanied by a coffee, a drink or a refreshing beer.

These bars will allow you to disconnect from routine and stress with the option of leaving technology aside, at least for a while. The social function of these establishments is invaluable, since they are scenarios of reunion, reunion, smiles and fun among friends, co-workers or family. They are ideal places to be distracted and above all to socialize with real people, not virtual ones.

4 bars to enjoy board games in Barcelona

1.La Niña

It is very child-oriented, does not offer alcoholic beverages and is a smoke-free space. The advantage is that if you love chocolate you can enjoy it in their “cafeteria de Gracia”, where amidst a decoration of wooden tables and horses and antique toys, you can play in a family atmosphere. There is no WiFi. You can play chess, Monopoly, Scrabble, or read newspapers. Address: Calle de Ramón y Cajal, 36, Barcelona.


At the beginning of the 20th century this establishment was a neighborhood bodega, but 20 years ago it became one of the best known bars in the lower part of Gracia. Vulcan’s star game is dominoes and sometimes there are not only championships, but also debates about their playing techniques. Such is the fan base that the bar is home to two federated teams: the Blue Vulcan and the Black Vulcan. Address: Calle de la Libertad, 43, Barcelona.

The Iguana

Every Thursday from 9:15 p.m. onwards, a projector shows the attendees questions on various topics in a total of five rounds. It’s a day to play Trivial Molón. However, at La Iguana there are also live concerts, a selection of music for babies, monologues, temporary exhibitions, workshops, among other recreational activities. Located in the neighborhood of Sants, at Calle de Rosés, 46, Barcelona.

4.La Cochera

Opened more than 30 years ago, it is a pub where there are not only classic board games and other little-known games such as Avalon, but also drinks for all tastes. You can also choose from more than 15 types of craft beers and 60 imported beers. At the Cochera you can also make exhibitions, create short films and exchange books. Address: Calle de Costa i Cuixart, 31, Barcelona.