Enigmatium, a secret restaurant for having fun

Enigmatium, a secret restaurant for having fun

A thousand surprises and fun you will find in Enigmatium, the only restaurant in the world whose location in Barcelona is a mystery. The only thing you will know are clues to help you get there, which you will receive only two days before the dinner. In these instructions they will tell you the day of the dinner and the place where you should arrive around 20:45h somewhere in Barcelona.

What you can be sure of is that you will have an unforgettable dinner in the middle of a magic show, humor, riddles, games and surprises while you enjoy an exquisite meal accompanied by an open bar. The duration of the dinner and show is approximately three and a half hours.

Enigmatium is the ideal restaurant, truly unique. Perfect to celebrate birthdays or special dates. The best thing is that while having fun you will be able to taste delicious dishes and spend a wonderful evening.

What you can find at Enigmatium

We tell you what you will find in general, as we do not know where it is located. For starters, you can enjoy a real show with entertainers, actors, magicians that will make you laugh till you drop.

Regarding the food, they offer a very select menu that you can choose from. A first main course, a second complementary course and a delicious dessert to finish. They also have menus for vegetarians and celiacs, but they also offer you whatever suits your tastes.

You can enjoy wine a la carte and an open bar of water, beer, sangria and soft drinks.

They also offer you a free photocall and photo report that will be taken during the night and then uploaded to the restaurant’s Facebook page so you can download it.

If you wish, you can reserve a VIP table to be as close as possible to the stage; it includes priority entrance and welcome champagne.

Menus to choose from at Enigmatium

On the menu there is a Menu A and a Menu B. There is also a third gluten-free and vegetarian menu.

Menu A has snacks as appetizer, lasagna bolognese as first course, Iberian pork medallions with potato and vegetables al dente as second course. For drinks, remember that there is an open bar of water, beer and sangria. Dessert: Belgian chocolate sponge, apricot and coffee.

Menu B contains snacks as appetizer, salmon salad with fresh cheese, cod in sanfaina as main course. Open bar (water, sangria, beer). Dessert: Belgian chocolate sponge, apricot and coffee.

The gluten-free and vegetarian menu includes appetizer snacks, assorted vegetables with Romesco sauce for the first course. Quinoa rice and tofu for the second course and fruit salad with sour apple sorbet for dessert. Open bar of water, beer and sangria.