Bingo and beer at Buenavista bar

Bingo and beer at Buenavista bar

The best atmosphere between songs, music, beer and bingo cards, is what you can experience in this modern bodega where the Buenavista bar is located in Barcelona. It is something like a musical bingo that promises excitement and joy where you must be very punctual, as the tickets sell out quickly.

The bar is usually packed because while there is singing and partying, in the background everyone is hoping to win at bingo and get the adrenaline pumping as it fills up. You can’t let go of your cardboard, even if you’re eating delicious tapas with wine or beer.

How bingo works at the Buenavista bar

First you must buy the bingo card that has the photos of 9 artists with their respective names underneath. In the meantime, between toasts and food, several songs begin to play, passing from one track to another in just a few seconds.

But even if you are in the midst of laughter and revelry, you should pay close attention to these songs, because depending on what sounds you should mark the card to make the line and then the full bingo, if you are lucky.

If you manage to complete the line there is a prize of 10 € and the complete bingo with 24 €.

The excitement is indescribable, because at the same time that you listen to your favorite songs, you can see if your cardboard is complete or if you are definitely beaten and you have to wait for the next round. Be careful not to get distracted by the music, because you may lose.

We only tell you that the playlist that plays is random. When the Buenavista bar opened in 2016, they never imagined that years later people would be lining up as early as 7 p.m. to get in.

Bar Buenavista: tasty food, good music and excitement

The idea started in bringing to life a neighborhood bar with a good atmosphere, tasty food and drinks. It was born this way and with the passage of time it has been built and decorated together with the clients.

After an attendee wins the line or the whole bingo, all you hear is laughter and joy. But now everyone is ready for the next game: the lights are dimmed, the music is resumed and the fun continues. The next bingo begins with other musical cues that attendees shout along to and wail when the music is interrupted. They want to keep humming.

At the end of the day, visitors leave each night happily singing the choruses of the different songs, remembering the names of the bands or remembering that artist they had not listened to for a long time. In addition to the thrill of winning a line or the whole bingo. It is a great achievement that deserves celebration.

Buenavista bar: Address Carrer del Sant Crist, 23, 08014