5 places 90’s fans will love

5 places 90's fans will love

Have you ever wondered if you have a strong obsession with everything related to the 1990s? If the answer is true, there are many places in Barcelona where you can relive this era. Many fans of the 90’s do not forget the experience of having a “discman”, dancing the Macarena or taking care of a “tamagochi”, all this and more can be found in these places.

Dream places for fans of the 90s

1. Wah Wah Records: the temple of collecting in Barcelona

The 90’s were the decade of CDs. So if you are a collector at Wah Wah you can find them, as well as cassettes and even vinyl records. They still exist. All music was saved thanks to these formats, house, techno and dance music are still alive thanks to these recordings.

You can find copies from 50 euros to 200 euros, depending on the artist, the state of conservation and the edition of the record. CDs sell like hot cakes. Location: Carrer de la Riera Baixa, 14, 08001.

2. Nevermind: indie rock

It has two locations (one in the Gòtic and one in the Raval), where you can enjoy the best rock of the 90’s with legends like Nirvana, Green River or Pearl Jam. Nevermind is something like a cultural center open from 5pm. There are concerts every Sunday, street art gallery or DJ sessions. They have a very graffiti decor and the skateboard track gives the place a street touch. Address: Tallers, 68 and Escudellers Blancs, 3.

3. Kelly Kapowski’s closet

It is a vintage store. You can find printed shirts, high-waisted pants, jackets with badges, backpacks, boot tops, T-shirts, in short, a whole range of incredible items. It’s a whole market for you with great success especially on weekends. The prices of the items vary, but on average they are at 10 €.

4. El Gallo Vintage for technological nostalgia

El Gallo Vintage is another stall in the vintage flea markets where you can find vintage technology that will transport you. For example, tamagotchis, consoles, discmans or Ericsson, Motorola or Nokia cell phones.

5. Bollocks: food for fans of the 90’s.

At Bollocks you can not only dine tasty, but you can also enjoy excellent music. Do not hesitate to go there to taste juicy burgers from 8 to 10 euros or try their delicious cocktails like the “Ace of spades” from 6 to 8 euros. They have happy hour from 7pm to 10pm.

You can play on the arcade machine or on the four nineties-style piballs. The best thing about this is that if you beat the record in these games, you can win 10 beers or better, if you eat 10 hamburgers of 185 grams in less than 25 minutes, you get 66 beers. Address: Ample, 46. www.bollocksbar.com

Any of these places will transport you back to the nineties. Live the experience.