5 Asian fusion restaurants

5 Asian fusion restaurants

In Barcelona there are true temples of Asian fusion cuisine. The good taste of customers has made restaurants bet on Asian varieties and adapt them to the Mediterranean palate.

Asia has become a major player in the gastronomy of Barcelona. More and more Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Korean or Vietnamese restaurants are mixing ingredients and techniques to offer better and varied alternatives.

Enjoy Asian fusion cuisine in these restaurants


Called the island of temptations where an authentic Asian mixture is practiced. The culinary tradition of Southeast Asia is predominant, with a predominance of Japanese cuisine. You can taste rice, sushi, soups, noodles, tacos, there are no limits, but a variety and explosion of flavors. Several dishes are its letter of introduction: wasabi prawns on cake, Tom Yum soup with prawns accompanied by white rice or eggs Benedict with sushi rice cracker and tuna tartar. Be sure to try the pork gyoza. Address: Carrer de Mallorca, 196, 08036.

Xica House

A warm restaurant that perfectly integrates two culinary styles: Asian and Catalan. You will be able to taste the most delicious and pleasurable fusion food that enters through the eyes. Some of their dishes are: scallop carpaccio, kombu seaweed, beurre blanc de ponzu, kimchi de calçots among others such as Hong Kong style suckling pig. Location: Carrer de la França Xica, 20, 08004.


Asia for dummies turned into a tavern with a futuristic touch and prices for millennials. Set to rap music, almost cyberpunk décor and projections of sumo wrestlers, it looks totally out of the ordinary. At Spicy you can take a tour of Asian cuisines in a small format. Oriental tapas spicy prawns, octopus bombs, soft shell crab “bao”, mussels, fried pork ear accompanied by a refreshing beer. Address: Comte Borrell, 41.

Hawker 45

There you can find Asian street cuisine fused with Latin American cuisine. You will be able to taste unique flavors that integrate the Philippines with Brazil or Peru with Thailand. At Hawker 45 there are no borders. Exotic dishes full of happiness: beef short ribs with sauce and quail egg, Bangkok-style chicken wings, Korean-style bulgogi bravas or Filipino-style marinated pork ribs. You can accompany these dishes with craft beer for refreshment. Address: Carrer de Casp, 45, 08010.

Direkte Boqueria

A whole world of creative dishes that will delight your senses. There is the perfect fusion between Catalan food, Asian and Mediterranean cuisine. They offer a whole range of wines to accompany the main courses: sea urchin flan; pickled trumpets with shimeji, water chestnut and miso scallop. With these dishes it is not easy to distinguish the border between Asia and Barcelona. Address: Carrer de les Cabres, 13, 08001.