Carla Romagosa, writer and menopause expert tells us about her Barcelona: open, playful and bright.

Tell us something about yourself, who is Carla Romagosa and what do you do?

I was born and raised in Barcelona and have lived in Paris, Venezuela, Colombia and the Dominican Republic. I have been an executive in multinational fragrance companies for many years. Until my life took a radical turn when at the age of 39 I was diagnosed with early menopause just when I wanted to become a mother. I never thought something like this could happen to me. What’s more, I didn’t even think I was going to go through menopause! Let’s say that I, at least, was immortal…

Years before, I had begun to study nutrition, practically as a hobby, or by intuition, who knows? The thing is that overnight some things made sense. I started to write down everything I felt and two publishers wanted to publish it under the title of My friend Meno and me. Uninhibited tips for a full-fledged menopause. Editorial Navona (Spanish) and Angle Editorial (Catalan). It is also published in Korean!

Since then, I have been helping, informing and accompanying women between the ages of 40 and 60 to learn about the great physiological change that we all experience during this stage of life.

I give many conferences, I am a lecturer in the Master of aesthetic and functional gynecology and cosmetic genital surgery of women at the University of Barcelona and I have an office at the Institut Riera Bartra (Sagrada Familia Clinic in Barcelona) where I perform integrative accompaniment for women in perimenopause and menopause. I surround myself with an extraordinary team!

I hear many women in their 40s and 60s say that they suffer during the years before, known as premenopause or perminenopause and during menopause. And I find that, all too often, they arrive unprepared, neither physically nor psychologically. Some women suffer a lot of symptomatology and some simply do not feel anything, although real changes are taking place inside them in the same way.

The medical systems, public and generally private, treat symptoms separately and women overmedicate and self-medicate. Many refuse hormone replacement therapy and take refuge in inappropriate drugs, haphazardly and without rigor.

Menopause requires a lifestyle change, with an integrative approach to health. And it’s about feeling good. To be strong to take advantage of this great moment of freedom, creativity and leadership.

How would you define Barcelona in three words and why?

Open, playful and luminous.

The light is undeniable! And it applies both to the sun and to the positive energy given off by the city and its people. It is open, because it welcomes, thinks, structures and redefines itself in a surprisingly flexible way, regardless of the political party that governs it. It is playful because there are always things going on, for all tastes and pockets. The associative character of the people of Barcelona offers a wide range of activities.

What is your favorite corner of the city?

The sea. And also the squares full of history, such as Sant Felip Neri in the Gothic Quarter. I tend to get lost in both places.


What is your favorite restaurant?

I am celiac and lactose intolerant. I like places that accommodate all types of allergies and food preferences, places that are honest when they can’t give me the service I need, or places that go out of their way to make my experience the best it can be. I’m a big fan of a small Mallorcan home cooking restaurant called Na Mindona, it’s in the Raval at Carrer de la Riereta, 8:

I also enjoy the food and service at Ca la Nuri de la Platja (Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta, 55).

And of course, Messié gluten-free, their pizzas are my occasional sin… it’s at Carrer de Siracusa, 15,

Imagine having a day off to go out on the town…. Where would you go and why?

I would walk everywhere, observing the modernist buildings of Paseo de Gracia. I am fascinated by La Pedrera, I know it well inside and it has always seemed to me a magical place. I would continue to stroll through the Gothic Quarter. If I got hungry, I would stop for some gluten-free croquettes at Vinatería del Call, I would go into Santa María del Mar. And I would continue walking to the Club Natació Atlètic Barceloneta to swim in the sea and relax the rest of the day sunbathing and watching the sea.

Thank you Carla for dedicating your time to us!

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