Touring the most beautiful squares in Barcelona (II)

The most beautiful squares in Barcelona

If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t miss the first part of our tour of the most beautiful squares in Barcelona.

Now, we continue our tour… And we begin this second part of our particular guide in:

Plaça del Pi

The Plaza del Pi has a total and absolute protagonist: The Church of Santa Maria del Pi. A spectacular construction dating from the fourteenth century and gives this square a very special charm.
As a curious note we will tell you that, although there are many people who pass and stroll through the square every day marveling at this church, few of them know that you can visit and know its interior also at night.

But if you are not very religious, this small square has more charms. Its artisan food fair, for example, is held every first and third Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the month.
If you feel like doing something different on a weekend when the fair is open, we recommend you to stop by… and besides having a great day, you will end up taking home some goodies, for sure.

Plaça del Pi

Plaça Sant Felip Neri

This is one of those little known corners and, therefore, not overcrowded… however, this square is as beautiful as any of those included in this small guide or any other square in Barcelona (it is impossible to collect them all).

As in the previous case, the square has a protagonist and is undoubtedly the church that houses and to which it owes its name.

Besides being a very beautiful place, it has a lot of history and walking through the square allows us to travel through part of the history of the city. In fact, there are very deep traces of the city in this square, a good example is the shrapnel of a bomb dropped by the aviation during the Spanish Civil War that fell there.

sant felip neri square

Plaça del Diamant

Located in the heart of the Barrio de Gràcia, La Plaça del Diamant or Plaza del Diamante, is a corner of the city with a lot of activity and people coming and going.
Perhaps, the Plaza del Diamante is better known than others located in this bohemian and beautiful neighborhood of Barcelona because it has led to the name of one of the most popular works of the Catalan writer Mercè Rdoreda.

If you are in the mood for a lively walk in a quiet but lively place, this is the ideal spot.

Diamant Square