Touring the most beautiful squares in Barcelona (I)

Follow the tour of Barcelona’s most beautiful squares

You know how we like in Salir por Barcelona to walk around the city, discover new places and enjoy the ones we already know as if we had never been there.

Again we went out to tour Barcelona, but this time to visit its most beautiful squares. A walk that gave us to make a new guide (we are becoming fond of them) of squares that you should know, visit and walk around in Barcelona…

Ready? Here we go!

Plaça Gaudí

We couldn’t start any other way. One of the greatest and best representatives of the city, a genius who left his mark all over the city, an artist to whom we owe a legacy of incalculable value. Yes, we started our tour of the squares just behind the Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s masterpiece, in the Plaça Gaudi.

most beautiful squares in Barcelona

Plaça Reial (Royal Square)

We continue in a corner with Gaudí essence. And is that the Plaza Real, besides being one of the most famous squares of Barcelona, has an element designed by Gaudí: its lampposts.

the most beautiful squares in Barcelona

Plaça Sant Jaume

It is a large square, but with a lot of charm, located in the political center of Barcelona. The Generalitat de Catalunya and the Ajuntament de Barcelona are also located there.

You can enjoy the square through a pleasant walk because the square is pedestrianized. However, at the same time it is located in one of the busiest areas of Barcelona, practically at any time of the day it is full of people.

plaza-sant-jaume the most beautiful squares in Barcelona

Plaça Sant Agutí el Vell

And from the hustle and bustle of the previous squares, we go to a quieter corner, but just as charming, if not more so. We headed to El Born, a neighborhood that in itself deserves a leisurely visit; we stopped at Plaça Sant Agutí el Vell.

In the square is the convent with the same name and to which this small square owes its name.

Also, if you are not from Barcelona, maybe you did not know that this square houses one of the eight replicas of the famous Canaletas Fountain.


Thus we end, in a quiet and inspiring place, our first part of the tour of the most beautiful and charming squares of Barcelona. But we will continue to look for more…