Love Casa Batlló wins the Riga International Film Festival

On some occasions we have dedicated part of our space in Going out in Barcelona to the magical Casa Batlló of the great Antoni Gaudí. Today again we reserve a space for it, to dedicate a few lines to it and to show you some images that invite you to immerse yourself in the wonderful history behind every corner of this building.

Love Casa Batlló

Magic and Barcelona are synonymous. And they are, among other things, thanks to stories and works like this one. So it comes as no surprise that a promotional video about Gaudí’s famous monument,‘LOVE Casa Batlló‘ has won the grand prize at the International Festival of Tourist Films in Riga. A prize for which no less than 250 works competed and that, once again, left Barcelona in the place it deserves, the highest.

An award that enhances the pride of both locals and those who have ever passed through our city and have inevitably fallen in love with it.

Despite being a very short video, its story, a journey through the magic and inspiration of Gaudí when creating one of his great works and the special effects that accompany it, more typical of a blockbuster than of a tourist promotional video, put the person behind the screen in a world of magic and fantasy from which he would not want to leave… A world from which, once the 2 and a half minutes have elapsed, he is expelled, but with an immense desire to see, to return, to get to know, to tour Barcelona.

But as often happens, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, and all we can say is little and probably does not do justice to the video we are talking about. Therefore, we leave it here below so that you can build your own opinion and, like us, also enjoy it.