Bags&Go: a luggage storage startup for cruisers

Bags&Go: a luggage storage startup for cruisers

When it comes to intelligent baggage management, Bags&Go sets the trend. Thanks to this business success story, it is now possible to enjoy a baggage claim service for cruise passengers in Barcelona.

This startup has been observing and realizing this business opportunity for ten years. Its service consists of offering cruise tourists a personalized service through online luggage booking. It can also be purchased in person directly at the cruise terminal.

The way it works is simple: the company collects the customer’s bags even before they enter the security checkpoint. They are then safely stowed away while travelers enjoy a final tour of Barcelona to close their days of cruising.

This way they can visit the city without having to carry heavy luggage from one place to another and move around safely and comfortably. In the meantime your belongings are well guarded and you will be free to choose where to go shopping, to eat or to take an unencumbered stroll.

Bags&Go leaders in luggage storage for cruise passengers

The company’s CEO, Carles Novoa, says that up to last year, 15,000 customers were cruise ship passengers who had their luggage moved.

In its beginnings in 2018 Bags&Go started transporting 300 pieces of luggage and currently in addition to cruise passengers it is also opening up to other segments: trade fair attendees, congresses, hotel clients, MICE, apartments, museums, stores, restaurants, among others.

For its part, each year the City of Barcelona is the starting or end point of the cruise trip for some 700,000 passengers. These are called turnaround cruisers (referring to those who finish or start their cruise in Barcelona).

Although these passengers have a high level of purchasing power, they would do well to have it if they want to see the city or go shopping, but cannot do so comfortably because they have to carry luggage. This is where the successful solution offered by Bags&Go is very timely.

From the port to the airport or vice versa

The process of luggage storage for cruise passengers is normally done by guarding and transporting the luggage from the port to the airport. A fair service for those who have already finished their trip.

90% of the clients choose this one-way pick-up and drop-off service, i.e. from the port to the airport only.

However, since the end of last year Bags&Go has launched the same service but in the other direction, i.e. from the airport to the port, as a solution for cruise passengers prior to embarkation.

The Barcelona-based startup has an annual turnover of around 300,000 euros. It is made up of 8 permanent employees and another 15 on average in times of high demand.