Syra Coffee: a coffee for coffee lovers


Syra Coffee: a coffee for coffee lovers

Known as “the temple of coffee” Syra Coffee is a boutique style coffee shop created in Barcelona. Its main attraction is that the beans are roasted right there, the delicious coffee is prepared and served, and at the same time, accessories and related objects are sold so that it can also be enjoyed at home.

The sign at the entrance that says “good coffee here” identifies the premises. And it really does its job because little by little it has become a very visited place by locals and visitors.

Syra Coffee is a small place with a minimalist style and family atmosphere. It’s a very cool To-Go coffee shop, with shiny wood combined with white tiles and small cacti adorning the ambiance. You can also find freshly baked pastries to go with the good coffee and some art magazines by the way.

Syra Coffee: delicious and smooth coffee

Just by passing in front of the entrance of the coffee shop, you can already smell the delicious aroma of coffee that will surely captivate you immediately. One of their most famous specialties is the coffee prepared with oat milk, which costs 2€ and is really soft and exquisite to the palate.

The novelty offered to the public is that at Syra the coffee is prepared in an artisanal manner with high quality standards from the moment it is roasted until it is served to the client.

Its owner and creator Yassir Raïs (an architect by profession and a coffee lover) states that the difference is that in Syra the beans used to make the coffee are roasted directly in Barcelona.

They used to roast it outside the city, but now they roast it on the lower floor of the same place. There they roast the green beans that arrive from different parts of the world. Therefore, the coffee shop can offer an authentic, 100% handcrafted, quality beverage.

Spain: a country that consumes good coffee

This trend comes from the Nordic countries and is here to stay in Spain. Syra Coffee is an example of this. In fact, many of its clients, once they have tasted this coffee and the difference in its flavor and aroma, continue to frequent the site because they enjoy it more at a good price.

Syra transmits the coffee culture to its clients so that they learn to taste it, savor it, appreciate it and distinguish it from an industrial coffee.

If you go to the coffee shop you will find the complete range of Syra Coffee beans, which offer you to grind right on the spot. You will be able to find between 6 or 8 types of 100% Arabica coffees from Colombia, Ethiopia, Burundi, Peru, etc., depending on the season.

You can also buy T-shirts, coffee pots, cups, coffee grinders, filter methods, mugs, in short, a whole range of merchandising products.

This boutique cafeteria is located on Carrer de la Mare de Déu dels Desemparats, Gràcia, 8, 08012 Barcelona.