Barcelona launches its first municipal construction site with 100% electric machinery

Barcelona launches its first municipal construction site with 100% electric machinery

The Barcelona City Council has taken a historic step by undertaking the remodeling of the Jardines de las Tres Chimeneas, in the emblematic neighborhood of Poble Sec, using only 100% electric machinery.

This initiative marks a milestone in the search for cleaner and more efficient solutions in the field of urban construction.

The project in the Three Chimneys Gardens is not only intended to beautify and revitalize the space, but also aims to eliminate architectural barriers and improve accessibility, effectively connecting the surrounding neighborhoods.

Upon completion, the square will house a new basketball court, a sports circuit and, next to the children’s play area, even a beach bar for community enjoyment.

Commitment to sustainability with the use of 100% electric machinery

What makes this project truly innovative is its total commitment to sustainability and the reduction of the environmental footprint associated with urban development work.

In collaboration with the company Sorigué and thanks to the participation of Homs Rentals, the work is being carried out using exclusively electric machinery, thus setting a precedent for future municipal projects.

To support its decision to use electric machinery, the Barcelona City Council conducted a pilot test in 2022 at a private construction site in the city. The results speak for themselves:

  • Energy consumption was reduced to one seventh.
  • A one-sixth reduction in energy costs was achieved.
  • CO₂ emissions were reduced by one-third.
  • Noise from activities was reduced by half.
  • The efficiency of electric machinery proved to be similar to that of conventional machinery.

These encouraging results supported the Barcelona City Council’s decision to move towards a more sustainable model in its municipal works.

Homs Rentals: contributing to the electric revolution

Homs Rentals, a company committed to sustainability and innovation, has played a key role in this historic project. By supplying part of the electrical machinery used in the construction of the Three Chimneys of Paral-lel, Homs Rentals has demonstrated that it is possible to carry out construction work in an efficient and sustainable manner.

Among the machines supplied by Homs Rentals are:

  • 1500 kg electric dumper capable of loading materials with limited noise level.
  • Portable Power Battery: Ideal as a temporary, portable power source.
  • Electric forklift truck with low energy consumption. It does not emit polluting gases.

The goal of using 50% zero-emission machinery on municipal construction sites by 2030 demonstrates a long-term approach to reducing the Catalan capital’s carbon footprint and promoting more environmentally friendly construction practices.