4 ideal restaurants for chicken lovers

4 ideal restaurants for chicken lovers

Chicken is perhaps the juiciest, most appetizing, crispy and delicious dish you can taste around the world. Barcelona is no exception. In the city you can find good restaurants ideal for chicken lovers.

You will be able to taste breasts, wings, thighs, thighs, nuggets, hamburgers, fried chicken, with different side dishes and sauces. And at any time of the day. So enjoy an exquisite chicken.

4 ideal restaurants for chicken lovers

Leche de Tigre Restaurant

A Peruvian chicken delight for the true chicken lovers. Now Leche de Tigre offers you a delivery service of Peruvian chicken of exquisite quality. From there was born “Gallito Canalla” that offers tender and juicy wings soaked in homemade sauces with a Peruvian touch: kimchi and rocoto or aji de charapito and mango.

You can also order battered chicken composed of tender boneless thigh marinated with arcane ingredients and aji amarillo chili for 24 hours. Enjoy these delicacies at Carrer Martínez de la Rosa 10,08012 Tel: 934161923. Whatsapp: 601449606 / 674526169.

2. Van Van Chicken

Van Van Chicken brings home delicious fried chicken at prices to suit all budgets. For example, you can order it in pieces/combo for 9,95 €; in a wrap or as the main ingredient in a tasty hamburger. It is a carefully prepared chicken, bathed for 24 hours in buttermilk and spices. In this restaurant you will find authentic crispy chicken and delicious Nuggets. You can order online at: https://vanvanchickenbar.pedido.menu/order#/ or order and pick it up.

3. Goosebumps

Another ideal restaurant for chicken lovers. Piel de Gallina specializes in international fried chicken: Tulum and Seoul, served with Japanese mayonnaise and pickled daikon. They are convinced that their chicken is the “boss of the pen”: the juiciest, sexiest and coolest in Barcelona. You can order it at: https://pieldgallina.com/ Deliveries from Tuesday to Sunday from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. and from 7:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Minimum order 15 euros or you can also pick it up at Carrer de Magalhães, 35 08004. T. 681 39 30 50

4. Rooq

It is something like a “fast food” for young people, with a spectacular offer of chicken breasts and their classic fried chicken burger. You can go to the bar and place your order. The best thing is that for less than 10 euros you can eat one of the best fried chickens in Barcelona, accompanied by potatoes or “coleslaw”, along with a craft beer or a soft drink or craft beer. Not to mention the classic hamburger: brioche bun made and baked in the restaurant, a generous portion of chicken breast dressed with homemade sauces and pickles. Remember to try the Nuggets too, they are a real treat. Carrer de la Diputació, 349 Barcelona 08009.

Any option you choose will be the right one, especially if you want to eat at home and with your family. Chicken is the solution.

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