Tunateca, a restaurant for tuna fans

Tunateca, a restaurant for tuna fans

If you are a fan of tuna, Tunateca Balfegó is the perfect choice for you. It is popularly said that tuna is used for everything and in this sense it is compared to pork. The chef of this restaurant, Ekaitz Apraiz, says that every four months he renews a large part of the more than 40 dishes that make up the menu.

Apraiz states that the most practical and easiest way would be to only prepare the belly of the tuna (area near the belly of the fish) together with the loin and leave the rest of the fish aside. But the other parts are also used to prepare fricassee and sirloin, sashimis, tartares, smoked, marinated, salted fish and nigiris. Even the chef also prepares the eyes.

For fans of tuna, taste all its parts

The heart

In Tunateca, the heart of the fish is used to make black pudding and Peruvian and grilled anticucho. It is an organ similar to the liver. It is also used to prepare a “mousse” pâté encapsulated in chocolate or a salted corn “macaron”, an appetizer filled with dried heart cream mixed with butter.

The marrow

It refers to the liquid that has an oyster flavor, is gelatinous and is in the vertebrae of the fish. The dish offered is an oyster shell in which the marrow is served with ponzu sauce, oyster leaf and seaweed air. Oyster with marrow is one of the star appetizers of the house.

The skin

They are 1.5 to 2 centimeters thick thanks to their gelatinous and compact fat. After cleaning it resembles a white wafer and when cut it is similar to pork tripe. The texture is similar, but it does not have much flavor. It is used to prepare tripe with chickpeas.

The ear

It is the membrane located next to the jaw of the fish. Regulates the flow of water to the gills. Compared to a whole tuna weighing up to 300 kilos, the ear weighs only 150 grams. The chef cooks and debones it. It has a marine flavor and its texture is the same as that of pig’s feet, which opens up a whole world of possible dishes. In Tunateca for tuna fans the carpacho de oreja is prepared.

The spine

It can be used to prepare the chops. The backbone with all its little spines always remain with meat attached. This meat is bathed in barbecue sauce that is then baked or grilled, taking a very good caramelization.


This piece weighing about 200 grams is very red and can be eaten roasted, raw or in carpaccio. Carpaccio is prepared with boiling garlic oil and chili peppers.

Tunateca Balfegó: Avinguda Diagonal, 439, 08036 Barcelona