Dare to fly in the wind tunnel of Cornellà

Dare to fly in the wind tunnel of Cornellà

It may seem incredible to you, but it is true. You can now fly without a cape in Barcelona. How? Well, in the wind tunnel of Cornellà where you can make an indoor flight. Something similar to parachuting, but not from an airplane and experiencing free fall without vertigo.

Windoor is one of the leading companies in sports leisure in Spain and has just inaugurated the first wind tunnel in Barcelona.

Don’t think that when the instructor promises to fly it will be a false promise. It’s true and you can practice hovering where your stomach is literally floating above a table. In the meantime, you should keep your legs open and straight, arms forward, elbows slightly bent and head up.

To fly you only need your suit, a helmet, earplugs and goggles. However, no coating is necessary.

Cornellà wind tunnel secrets

The more relaxed you fly, the more stable you will be inside the tunnel. That is one of its main secrets. In fact it is because inside there are winds of between 150 and 290 kilometers per hour (records between child and expert level). Ideally, your legs should not seize up after just three minutes of free fall.

The important thing is to relax your body, feel yourself floating and let yourself be carried away by the sensation.

The instructor upon entering simply says, “Welcome to the spaceship,” and with a smile they enter the 14-meter vertical tunnel. If you see it from the outside it doesn’t impact you so much, only until you fly up it and let yourself go.

They compare it to a twister, according to high-flying terminology. If you decide to make your second flight, the trainer already takes you gliding upwards until you reach 9 meters. A whole stream of adrenaline and butterflies in the stomach without a hint of vertigo.

Who can fly in the Cornellà wind tunnel?

Anyone who wants to can do so. Instructors have done this with children as young as 4 years old and with adults up to 95 years old, including those with physical disabilities. Some even say they are more afraid to ride a roller coaster.

Tunnels around the world

There are more than 170 facilities around the world. In Spain, Windoor opened its first wind tunnel in Girona 7 years ago. Now these vertical gales are multiplying all over the world. In the last year alone, the company has opened 21 more tunnels with the same success everywhere. Flying is the best feeling you can experience.

In Barcelona: RCDE Stadium, gate 33 (Av. del Baix Llobregat, 100. Cornellà de Llobregat). Individual 2 minutes flight from 49 €. Group packages are available. Includes preparation, lesson, flight and souvenir.