New Shein pop-up store in Portal del Ángel

Nueva tienda pop-up de Shein en Portal del Ángel

After the experience lived in the summer, Shein the Chinese fashion giant will open next November 19, 2022 a new store (pop-up) in Portal del Angel.

In this location will be allowed face-to-face shopping, where in fact it opened last June.

The store is located at number 15 Portal del Angel in Barcelona, one of the most commercial areas of the city.

The opening will be for only ten days (from November 19 to 29), and will be the largest store so far of the brand with almost 1000 square meters. During these days it will be possible to buy the available catalog of the brand.

The store will be divided into three areas: a food area where you can have hot chocolate and coffee; the Beauty&Nail Bar, a space for nails and beauty; and the Family Corner, for the little ones.

The summer pop-up had several complaints, as it was a showroom only. On that occasion it was not possible to buy on site, but all orders had to be ordered only through the web.

This showroom concept managed to showcase the retail giant’s latest launches. The other novelty is that during this showroom they offered discounts to customers that became effective later when shopping online.

Shein in Portal del Angel in Barcelona

The Shein store becomes the largest ephemeral store in Spain opened so far.

There you can find all the products in the catalog including men’s fashion, women’s fashion, home products, jewelry, pet products, among other items.

This type of store had already triumphed in Madrid last summer. There was a variety of discounts and products.

Shein immediately decided to offer the same experience in the Catalan capital.

The exact opening hours of the store will be determined before the opening. If you plan to go shopping, please note that on Sundays, November 20 and 27, the store will be closed.

What are pop-up stores?

They are fleeting stores also known as pop-up retail, temporary store, super ephemeral stores or flash marketing. It is the opening of sales spaces for a short period of time.

These stores are a trend among large, small and medium-sized companies. They are used to promote the brand and attract customers.

Pop-up stores are located in a strategic place for a defined period of time. It can be on busy streets, in the city center or in busy shopping malls.

The first stores of this type were born in the U.S. market less than twenty years ago.

And they were very successful because they played with one of the fundamental premises of consumption, which is ephemeral temporality.

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