In Montjuïc, Barcelona will have its own cricket field

In Montjuïc, Barcelona will have its own cricket field

Barcelona will have its municipal cricket field in Montjuïc and it will be used by the only women’s 11-a-side cricket team in the country.

The Catalan Cricket Federation has taken an active part in the design of the equipment and will soon begin the procedures for the refurbishment of the Julià de Capmany pitch in Montjuïc.

The cost of the work will have a budget of 1.6 million euros from the participatory budget fund and will be invested in the complete renovation of the field in the following aspects:

  • Special grass will be planted
  • Pitch lines will be marked
  • The batting tunnel will be created
  • The batting tunnel will be created and lighting, changing rooms and a perimeter fence will be installed.
  • Lighting installations, changing rooms and a fence will be installed.

The team’s players were the main promoters of the initiative, which received 2,441 votes in favor during the City Council’s call for participatory budgets.

In fact, it was the project that received the most support out of the 800 submitted.

The field will be a reality next year.

Barcelona will have its own cricket field for the only women’s team

The women’s 11-a-side cricket team, which will play on this field, aims to consolidate its position as the first Catalan team in this sport.

They are also part of the Críquet Jove BCN sports program, a project promoted by the Centro de Estudios Africanos e Interculturales, CEAI and the Fundació Esport i Educació de Barcelona, FEEB.

Since 2012 they have also been part of the City Council’s Convivim Esportivament program to promote the practice of cricket as a sport of identity and reference of a great community that has great roots in the city.

The design of the new field project has counted with the participation and validation of the interested promoters and the Catalan Cricket Federation.

Cricket arrived in Barcelona thanks to the migrant communities where the sport was very popular. Especially communities from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

Although 2.3% of Barcelona residents come from these countries, until now there was no field for the practice of this sport in the city.

Catalan Cricket Federation: hopes to reach 5,000 children by 2023

The Federation wants to develop the player base. According to his estimates, around 150,000 families living in Catalonia are passionate about the sport.

For this reason, the organization has set a goal of reaching 5,000 children by 2023, with the idea that the growth of this sport will be exponential.

The Federation, through the support of Cricket Jove BCN, promotes the practice of sports with an educational project that fosters interculturalism.00

The stage will be ready next year to promote the professional practice of this sport in the Catalan capital.