Restaurants with the most iconic tapas in the city

Restaurants with the most iconic tapas in the city

Bravas, ensaladilla, fried fish, torrezno, fried fish are just some of the varieties served in Barcelona’s most iconic tapas restaurants.

Although each palate is in charge of qualifying the tapas, there are places in the city where you can go without thinking about it and be sure that you will find the best ones.

The most typical tapas in Barcelona

Restaurants with the most iconic tapas in the city


In this place you will find delicious and selected croquettes from Coure, Topik, Suculent or Nairod, but at a higher price than the average. The ham croquettes are the most famous, but also the Catalan tapas, the miraculous stew and powerful flavors that will captivate you. They also prepare delicious croquettes of acorn-fed Iberian ham. A juicy pork delicacy. Carrer de Manso, 54.

Mojama of El Villa

The best vermouth in Gràcia. El Villa is a vermutería with soul, perfect for tasting the best Spanish seafood tapas. Lovingly prepared with a variety of fish. One of the most successful dishes is the tuna mojama and exquisite roe. Also the dried octopus from Almeria. Carrer de Martínez de la Rosa, 27.


A legendary house for tapas and good beer. Specialists in sirloin steak with foie with house nectar, a majestic beer served in typical elongated glasses. A whole squadron of waiters ready to serve you. Balboa, 6. Instagram:

La Plata Bar

Discover a legendary fried food in the most famous and historic bar in Barcelona. You will find succulent and fresh fish fried with a lot of technique. It is a snack of international stature that is complemented with anchovies, skewers and salad. Carrer de la Mercè, 28.

Tapas on the shores of the Mediterranean


They will serve you tasty colossal anchovies with their fried raspa on the side. In Jai-Ca you can experience the history of the seafood tapa in Barceloneta, far from temporary fashions. A whole history of memorable meals that downtown bars wish they had. Carrer de Ginebra, 13, Carrer de Ginebra, 7-9.

Pyrenean Buttery

Reigns over the Diagonal. It stands out for preparing an anthological caramelization of the onion. A very succulent piece accompanied by bread and tomato. Other delicious tapas offered are chorizo with truffled sausage or an Iberian ham sandwich. Carrer de Muntaner, 460. Instagram: @mantequeriaspirenaicas

La Cova Fumada

It is a very busy eating house where the most iconic tapas of the city are served. It has been legendary in the creation of tapas for more than 70 years. A perfect and balanced combination of meat, sauces and potatoes without rivals in Barcelona. Carrer del Baluard, 56.

Tapas is one of the most traditional dishes in Spain and in Barcelona you can find the best and most delicious ones.

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