Paradiso: the best bar in the world is in Barcelona, according to World 50 Best Bars

Paradiso: the best bar in the world is in Barcelona, according to World 50 Best Bars

In early November, the global cocktail community gathered for the presentation of the World 50 Best Bars (the foremost authority in the field), sponsored by Perrier. In the midst of the ceremony, which was screened in movie theaters, homes and bars around the world, Paradiso in Barcelona was awarded as the best bar in Spain.

However, this award does not come as a surprise for Paradiso, whose hallmark is to be considered something of an underground cocktail bar. All thanks to its doors that have been hidden for several years. Behind them, they prepare the best cocktails that have made Paradiso an authority in its field.

In the overall ranking, Paradiso ranked 19th among the top 50.

Paradiso: a great bar according to World 50 Best Bars

Located in Carrer de Rera Palau, 4, it is one of the most renowned cocktail bars in Barcelona. It is so popular that many people wait in line for more than an hour in front of the refrigerator door of a Pastrami bar. But it is well worth it, because behind the fridge there are exquisite cocktails in the middle of a cozy, avant-garde and twilight atmosphere.

At Paradiso, it takes between 6 and 12 months to create a cocktail. They are not only a mixture of flavors, but a whole work of presentation, experience and decoration that is simply spectacular.

For example, if you order a Mediterranean treasure, it will arrive carefully served in a conch shell, or if you prefer the Trojan Horse, they will bring you a mini horse that hides a little bottle inside. Or if you are served a Supercool martini, you will notice a mini iceberg forming in the glass.

What to tell you about the flower. It is the Sechuan flower or electric flower, it is really potent because after chewing it for about 30 seconds after you start to numb your tongue by the combination of rare flavors that will never forget neither your mind nor your palate.

If you ask for straws to drink your cocktail, they will not bring you a plastic straw, but one made of bamboo, paper and glass.

One of the star drinks is the Tesoro Mediterráneo cocktail, which integrates vodka, elderberry liqueur, sherry and agave syrup. It is served in a sea shell enclosed in a pirate chest.

The ceremony of the event

After so many difficulties in the food and beverage sector, during the ceremony bartenders were encouraged with messages of support and solidarity. All in recognition of the work and effort to stay afloat in the midst of the health crisis.

They described these awards as a great boost full of optimism and positive energy for bar owners and workers as they enter a period of economic recovery.