Machi Machi, the Bubble Tea sensation now in Barcelona

Machi Machi, the Bubble Tea sensation now in Barcelona

The world of beverages is constantly evolving, and one of the latest trends that has conquered palates around the world is Bubble Tea, or tea with tapioca pearls.

This delicious and surprising drink, which combines tea, fruit juice or milk with tapioca balls, has gained enormous popularity in recent years, and now the inhabitants of Barcelona will have the opportunity to enjoy it in one of the most famous brands in the world: Machi Machi.

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With its tapioca balls that burst in the mouth and its varied flavor combinations, Bubble Tea offers a unique sensory experience that has won the hearts of millions of people around the world.

Since its creation in Taiwan in the 1980s by Liu Ha-Chie, a tea store owner, bubble tea has come a long way to become the global sensation it is today.

The charm of Bubble Tea: more than a drink, an experience

Machi Machi Machi, a franchise originally from Taiwan founded in 2018, has quickly become the leading Bubble Tea brand in the world. With stores in Asia, America, Oceania and Europe, Machi Machi has been able to conquer the lovers of this drink with its original and delicious creations.

Now, this famous brand lands in Barcelona with its first store in Spain, located at number 13 of Ronda Sant Pere.

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At Machi Machi, customers can enjoy a wide variety of bubble teas, each with its own touch of originality and flavor. From the classic tea with milk and tapioca balls to more daring combinations such as tea with burnt cream or matcha latte with azuki, there are options for all tastes and preferences.

In addition, the store offers merchandising products, such as tote bags and tote bags, which reflect the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

Opening celebration in Barcelona

To celebrate its arrival in Barcelona, Machi Machi has prepared a special surprise for the first customers who visit its store between May 22 and 28, 2024.

The first 50 customers will receive official branded products free of charge, as a gesture of appreciation for their support and as a way of welcoming the Barcelona community.

A journey of flavors and experiences from Taiwan to Barcelona

From its humble beginnings in a small Taiwanese village to its rise to worldwide fame, bubble tea has come a long way. And now, with the arrival of Machi Machi in Barcelona, the inhabitants of the Catalan capital will have the opportunity to try and taste the fascinating world of this delicious and surprising drink.