Louis Vuitton celebrates the America’s Cup with a nautical collection inspired by Barcelona

Louis Vuitton celebrates the America's Cup with a nautical collection inspired by Barcelona

The America’s Cup, the world’s most prestigious sailing event with a history of more than 170 years, is about to unfurl its sails in Barcelona, and Louis Vuitton couldn’t miss the opportunity to celebrate in style.

The French brand, known for its elegance and innovation in the fashion world, has launched a nautical collection inspired by the maritime spirit and the vibrant energy of the regatta.

The Golondrinas return to enjoy Barcelona from the sea during the America’s Cup sailing competition

Louis Vuitton has been a committed sponsor of the America’s Cup for more than 40 years, since 1983. This year, in addition to organizing qualifying legs, the brand has become the title sponsor of the event, which is now known as the 37th Louis Vuitton America’s Cup.

Louis Vuitton Nautical Collection celebrates the America’s Cup in the spirit of yachting

Louis Vuitton’s America’s Cup capsule collection includes ready-to-wear garments, bags, accessories and footwear for men and women, designed to capture the essence of sailing and the coastal lifestyle.

Divided into three distinctive themes, the collection offers options for all occasions, from technical garments to elegant ensembles for evenings by the sea.

Historic debut of Spanish sailors in the Women’s America’s Cup with Sail Team BCN

The “Riding the Waves” collection is inspired by the precision and elegance of sailing. From technical windbreakers to the iconic Keepall bag, each item seamlessly blends performance and style.

The LV Rush sneakers for women and the LV Barracuda for men are perfect examples of how Louis Vuitton has incorporated the nautical spirit into its footwear.

A Day on the Deck: nautical elegance with a fun twist

The “A Day on the Deck” collection takes Louis Vuitton’s iconic Damier and Monogram motifs to the sea, with garments and accessories that combine nautical elegance with technical and sporty materials. From reversible windbreakers to Seaside hats and sandals, each item is designed for comfort and style during a day on the water.

Barcelona will dazzle with the inauguration of the America’s Cup Sailing 2024

Elegant Summer Evening: sophistication for evening events

For the most elegant occasions by the sea, the “Elegant Summer Evening” collection offers evening dresses in black or white crepe, along with accessories such as mini Capucines bags and loafers for men.

These ensembles reflect the luxury and sophistication expected from Louis Vuitton, perfect for the exclusive parties and events surrounding the America’s Cup.

In addition to apparel, the capsule collection includes a wide range of accessories, from sunglasses to ties and baseball caps, all designed with the distinctive Louis Vuitton style and vibrant America’s Cup logo.

Louis Vuitton’s 37th America’s Cup Barcelona capsule collections will be available in stores and online from July 18, 2024.