The art of reviving memories through artificial intelligence at Disseny Hub BCN

The art of reviving memories through artificial intelligence at Disseny Hub BCN

In a corner of Barcelona, an innovative exhibition is challenging the way we preserve and experience our memories. Domestic Data Streamers, a creative studio known for its cutting-edge projects, has launched an initiative that combines artificial intelligence (AI) technology with personal memory, allowing people to relive memories through tangible images.

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Memories are an essential part of our identity, they connect us to our past and help us understand who we are. However, human memory is fragile and prone to forgetfulness.

We often wish we had a tool like the Think Tank from the Harry Potter movies, an artifact that would allow us to relive our memories with total clarity. While magic may be just a fantasy, Domestic Data Streamers has created something that comes surprisingly close to this magical idea.

Domestic Data Streamers and the Citizen’s Office of Synthetic Memories to revive memories.

At the heart of Barcelona’s Disseny Hub, Domestic Data Streamers has installed the Synthetic Memory Citizen Office, a project that will be available until July 29. This space allows anyone to book a session to recreate their memories through generative AI. The process is simple, but profound.

Design, architecture and interior design all at Disseny Hub Barcelona

First, a detailed interview is conducted about the memory to be recovered. This interview is crucial, as it provides the basis on which artificial intelligence will work. Once the information is collected, the AI generates images and in some cases, videos that visually reconstruct the memory based on the participant’s personal testimony.

An archive of memories for the future

The main objective of the Office is to create an archive of AI-reconstructed visual memories that can serve future generations. This archive not only acts as a bridge between the past and the present, but also fosters an intergenerational dialogue.

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Older people from the city are invited to relive and share their memories, while younger people help to reconstruct and preserve these stories. This exchange also strengthens community ties.

Technology and therapy: a new hope for dementia

Beyond recreating memories, Domestic Data Streamers is exploring the therapeutic potential of AI-generated images. Reminiscence therapies, developed in the 1960s, are used to stimulate cognitive skills in patients with dementia. The exhibition in Barcelona has allowed us to take this technique one step further.

In a pilot conducted with 12 subjects, AI-generated printed images were shown to generate a stronger emotional connection in patients. Pau Garcia, founder of Domestic Data Streamers, explained that the older generative models, with their flaws and distortions, proved to be more effective than the more detailed and realistic versions.