Hoja Santa, for lovers of Mexican tacos

Hoja Santa, for lovers of Mexican tacos

One of the most authentic dishes in the world is undoubtedly Mexican tacos. But is it possible to find places in Barcelona where they prepare them as they do in Mexico? Undoubtedly yes. At Hoja Santa (the name of an indigenous bush) you can enjoy this Mexican delicacy.

What stands out most about this restaurant is that the tortillas are not those industrial ones, but made with fresh, thin and flexible dough directly from Hoja Santa. In fact, the owner’s goal is to produce them from his own corn milled directly by him. Its purpose is to fight against transgenics.

More than six years of service, including Niño Viejo, some 470 dishes and more than one million delicious tortillas prepared. Experience and good taste for your palate to enjoy. It is a small corner of Mexico in Barcelona with a contemporary and relaxed atmosphere, where you can enjoy delicious snacks, tacos, moles and very Mexican stews with a European touch.

A taste of something other than Mexican tacos

Formerly the Niño Viejo taqueria was in operation, but little by little, the boy was transformed and gave way to Hoja Santa, with a new spirit: popular Mexican cuisine. But not only tacos are the specialty of the house, also during Saturdays in February and March it offers its diners a delicious Mexican stew similar to the traditional mole de olla.

All the flavors offered in the dishes are the same as the typical dishes, although the way they are served is not the same. For example, in Mexico you eat everything together, but not in Barcelona. From the Catalan culture, an exquisite combination of arts, presentations and flavors emerged, which Hoja Santa offers in its varied menu.

Vuelco 1: crispy pork crackling, accompanied by pickles and green sauce.

Vuelco 2: pork cheek, marrow and stew sauce with a good avocado and of course, tortillas.

Dump 3: fresh vegetables with chicken mole to repeat.

Turn over 4: pipian taco and rooster’s combs.

Dump 5: chickpea broth and stew sauce.

For dessert a corn flan with grated truffle. Simply spectacular.

As the gastronomic offer is so varied in addition to Mexican tacos, there are also tamales with cottage cheese, cebiche with shrimp and octopus, morels from the Pyrenees with cream of fuagras or beach broth with octopus, eel and peas.

And don’t worry about the spiciness. Although the menu is adapted to the palate of the customers, before ordering, the waiter will let you know what level of spiciness the dish you have chosen has.

Hoja Santa. Address: Av. de Mistral, 54, 08015

Price (without wine): 90 €.

Mexican stew (without wine): 55 €.

You can’t miss the Mexican gastronomy in Barcelona.