From the communal dormitories with bunk beds to the bedrooms

From the communal dormitories with bunk beds to the bedrooms

After 15 months of construction, Barcelona leaves behind the communal dormitories with bunk beds and implements rooms for a maximum of 4 people.

These larger spaces are part of the new Zona Franca First Reception Center for homeless people, which will become operational during this month of October 2022.

The works included the construction of a new building annexed to the existing facilities.

This new municipal facility is located at number 9, 60th Street in the Sants-Montjuïc district. It was initially opened in 2006 to provide various services to the homeless and remained in operation uninterrupted during the pandemic.

The center is open 24 hours a day during continuous business hours. It can accommodate about 100 people.

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It is also planned to begin renovation work on the day care and outdoor areas.

The investment of the integral reform of the spaces amounted to 7 million euros on the part of the consistory. As a result, we have been able to build spaces with greater privacy aimed at implementing a more autonomous and person-centered care model.

From communal dormitories with bunk beds to rooms

The advantage is that the new infrastructure will allow users to move from a communal dormitory model with bunk beds to a larger space. Individualized rooms will now be available for a maximum of four people.

It will also have a larger surface area: it will go from a 1,065 square meter facility on a single ground floor to a 2,767 meter facility with the same accommodation capacity, but with more private spaces.

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It is expected that when the works are completed as of April 2023, it will be able to provide a better day care service by having more space and capacity for care.

There will be, for example, a new hygiene and shower service for a maximum of 70 daily services, as well as a dining room service with capacity for a maximum of 100 meals per day, a community garden, among other services.

Through the Center, the City Council is at the forefront of social support for the most vulnerable people.

We have sought to adapt the equipment to a more personalized model of care, focused on accompanying and promoting the autonomy of the person who comes to the center.

The Zona Franca First Reception Center is managed by the company Suara Serveis SCCL. There, they particularly serve elderly people who are homeless and have social or health problems, with the desire to initiate an individual improvement plan.

The facility is also able to accommodate people with pets.

It is a more private and functional alternative for the most needy in search of a better quality of life.

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