Nappuccino, a cafe where you can take a nap

Nappuccino, a cafe where you can take a nap

Cities tend to have spaces for all tastes and Barcelona does not escape this reality. One of the options that may seem a little strange to many is a coffee shop where you can have a coffee and take a nap. This is precisely what the Nappuccino siesta-café is all about.

Its very name is telling you: Nappuccino. The union of a nap and a cappuccino. It really is an innovative concept: its administrators indicate that it is the first cafeteria in Spain to offer this peculiar service.

How Nappuccino works

At Nappucino, users wishing to take a nap have the option of paying €4.5 and for that price they will receive the right to one hour in a cubicle equipped for sleeping plus a drink.

If you wish to extend your stay, you will have to pay 4€ for each additional hour. It will practically be cheaper than a hotel, given the urgency of the case. The difference is that Nappuccino’s hours are daytime only. In addition, it should be noted that sex is not allowed.

Siesta café

On Nappuccino’s website there is a detailed explanation, based on scientific research, about the relationship between caffeine and rest. It seems paradoxical, because we tend to associate drinking coffee with activation.

But on the contrary, Nappuccino’s proposal implies that by having a coffee and then taking a nap, the body will be more prepared and active to face the rest of the working day.

Institutional nap

That is precisely the point: the siesta is an institution that is preserved in many places for its beneficial effects on the body. And apparently, if it is combined with a rich coffee, its effects will be enhanced even more.

The truth is that Nappuccino is a unique space: a siesta café that combines two pleasures quite successfully. And its creators are proud to know that they are the only ones in the world to offer such a unique proposal.

You don’t live by naps alone

Certainly, Nappuccino is a particular place. That’s why it’s worth a visit, whether you feel like taking a nap or you’re just curious about the space, which is located at Muntaner 22.

In addition, Nappuccino retains its essence as a coffee shop: it is an ideal place to have a coffee, read and breathe for a while to get away from the hectic pace of the city.

You can also work with your computer while enjoying some of the delicacies offered by its gastronomic proposal. Breakfasts, quick lunches, bagels and focaccias, French pastries, craft beer and of course, great artisanal Italian coffee.

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