Augmented reality app animates graffiti in Barcelona

Augmented reality app animates graffiti in Barcelona

Barcelona graffiti come to life? That is the promise of the augmented reality application Beyond Street Art, the first of its kind according to its creators. This app aims that through street art, its users can see the world with the benefits of augmented reality.

Beyond Street Art is the first street art application. Its creators have taken over the streets of Barcelona to animate street graffiti and bring a whole experience to its users, which to date has not stopped growing.

Barcelona Graffiti animated with Beyond Street Att

The creators of this original application say that there are already fifteen graffiti that show off animations in the streets of the Gòtic and Born. In addition, they promise that they will be adding more specimens of this peculiar art to the streets of Barcelona.

In fact, it is an experience worthy of science fiction to contemplate the chosen graffiti through the screen of the cell phone. It is possible that this one will pout or wink.

The thing is that the developers of this original app decided to combine their passion for street art with the countless virtues of augmented reality. The result was a nice application that is an excuse to stop and look at the works of art that populate the streets of Barcelona.

Using Beyond Street Art

Like most apps, using Beyond Street Art is not complicated at all: once you have downloaded it on your smartphone (it’s free), you can open it and start using it.

When the application opens, you will have to search the map and choose the available graffiti. When you have found it, you frame it with your mobile camera, press the Augmented Reality button and you will instantly see the image come to life.

Or if not, you may be able to see the artist at the moment he painted the graffiti. You can record this moment on your cell phone and share it on your networks directly from the application.

Pez and Barcelona

The streets of Barcelona have a special meaning for Pez, the urban artist of fish with huge smiles. For this reason, the creators of the application decided to coincide the launch with the anniversary of Pez in the city.

The streets of Barcelona are the ones that saw the birth of the art of this iconic street artist, so Beyond Street Art wanted to pay tribute to him and turn his graffiti into animated images.

But other street artists are also taking part in the works that you will be able to see animated through the application. For example, @Konair’s ice creams will also be animated in the streets of Barcelona.

Other graffiti that may catch your attention when animated are among the Base Elements galleries, in Palau, 6 and Artevistas, Pasaje del Crèdit, 4. And it is not by chance that they are here: these areas are often considered the nerve centers of street art.

As a corollary, the developers of this creative idea have an ambitious plan: they propose that the application becomes a Pokemon Go-style game and spreads to other cities such as Lisbon, Berlin and London to bring the walls to life on mobile screens.

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