Free Fusta i Rod Exhibition: if you are a skateboard fan

Free Fusta i Rod Exhibition: if you are a skateboard fan

If you are a skateboard lover in Barcelona, you can already set aside time to visit the exhibition “Fusta i Rodes”.

It is a unique exhibition where you can travel through the history of skateboarding from the 1940s to the present day.

Admission to the exhibition is free and it will be open to the public until February 26, 2022.

There are also parallel activities such as talks and lectures by experts in this discipline, but you must first reserve admission on the website of Casa Seat:

Only if you are a skateboarder

You will be happy if you really enjoy everything related to this activity.

You will discover how the first scooter in history was something very rudimentary: a board, a stick and a wooden box.

Over time other creative people eliminated the handlebars and brought the skateboard to life so that today we see more evolved models.

At Fusta i Rodes you will also be able to appreciate interactive and thematic stations where exclusive pieces are exhibited, such as the board used in the movie Back to the Future.

Also on display is the Olympic costume used by Danny León in Tokyo 2020.

It has a great novelty and it is the setting and reconstruction of an 80’s style room that shows iconic elements of the era.

One of them is the well-remembered E.T., posters of musical bands of the time, sneakers from those years and other accessories that recreate the lifestyle that emerged around skateboarding.

The exhibition Fusta i Rodes is art, hobby, sport and history.