Barcelona prepares for the largest gathering of Gegants in its history

Barcelona prepares for the largest gathering of Gegants in its history

The city of Barcelona is on the eve of one of the most significant events of its cultural calendar: the Trobada Nacional de Gegants.

This meeting, which will take place next Sunday, April 28, 2024 in the heart of the Catalan capital, promises to mark a milestone in the history of this tradition rooted in the popular culture of Catalonia.

The Trobada will commemorate 600 years of the tradition of the giants, a cultural manifestation that has endured over the centuries and remains an integral part of the Catalan identity.

More than one hundred colles geganteres will gather in Barcelona to participate in this historic event, which seeks to pay tribute to a practice that has enriched the cultural life of the region for centuries.

An unprecedented Geganst meeting

The event will feature the participation of more than one hundred colles geganteres, which will represent a wide variety of figures emblematic of the tradition of the giants.

From historical characters to fantastic figures, the giants will parade through the streets of Barcelona in a unique and colorful spectacle that promises to captivate residents and visitors alike.

To ensure the participation of all, four parades have been organized that will start from different iconic points of the city, such as the Ciutadella Park, the monument to Rafael de Casanova, the Born and the North Station.

The parades will unite at Passeig de Lluís Companys, where the Arc de Triomf will be the central meeting point. This initiative seeks to unite the Barcelona community through the celebration of its rich cultural heritage.

The importance of volunteers

The magnitude of the Trobada Nacional de Gegants requires the collaboration of committed volunteers to help ensure that the event is a success. From organizing traffic for the colles geganteres to distributing accreditations and food, volunteers will play a key role in the logistics and coordination of the meeting.

Those interested in participating as volunteers can register through the form provided by the event organizers. In addition, for more details about the Trobada Nacional de Gegants, including schedules, activities and participants, you can consult the official website of the event.

The Trobada Nacional de Gegants promises to be a day full of excitement, joy and tradition, which will bring together people from all over to celebrate one of the most beloved and emblematic festivities of Catalonia.

It will be an unforgettable festival that will celebrate the rich tradition of the giants and unite the Barcelona community around their shared cultural heritage.

With the participation of more than one hundred colles geganteres and the collaboration of dedicated volunteers, this unprecedented event will remain etched in the memory of all those lucky enough to witness it.