FLIC Festival 2024 to celebrate children’s and young people’s literature in Barcelona

FLIC Festival 2024 to celebrate children's and young people's literature in Barcelona

The month of March in Barcelona is marked by the arrival of one of the most anticipated events for lovers of children’s and young people’s literature: the FLIC Festival 2024.

With its 14th edition scheduled for March 16 and 17, this festival offers a weekend full of activities, talks and, of course, lots of reading at the Disseny Hub in Barcelona.

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Organized by the non-profit association Tantágora, the FLIC Festival has become a benchmark in the field of children’s literature, fusing artistic disciplines, play and creativity to bring reading to new generations in a unique and fun way.

FLIC Festival 2024 to celebrate children’s and young adult literature

One of the most exciting new features of this edition is the inclusion of the FLIC Prize, which will be awarded for the first time by a mixed jury composed of three young readers and three experts in children’s and young adult literature.

This award will address the issue of censorship in children’s and young adult literature, exploring how this phenomenon manifests itself in a seemingly free world.

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FLIC’s programming is designed to adapt to different stages of life, with spaces dedicated to different age groups. From the -5 space, aimed at the youngest children, to the +12 space, exclusively for teenagers and without the presence of adults, the festival offers experiences suitable for every age group.

Various activities within the Festival program

The workshops and activities offered at FLIC cover a wide range of topics, from illustration and creation to oral storytelling and reading aloud. In addition, this year there is a unique opportunity for teenagers over the age of 12 to participate in creative activities under the guidance of renowned illustrator and graphic designer Belén Perera.

The FLIC Festival is not only limited to Barcelona, but will also take its program to other cities in Spain, such as Madrid and Vic, as well as to new destinations such as Vall de Ribes and Roselló Conflent.

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In addition, in November, the festival will cross borders to celebrate its first international edition in Vilnius, Lithuania, consolidating its position as a global reference in the world of children’s and young people’s literature.

For those interested in attending FLIC Festival 2024, tickets are now available for purchase on the event’s official website. With prices ranging from €3.5 to €9, depending on the activity and the age of the participant, FLIC offers a unique opportunity for children and young people to immerse themselves in the wonderful world of literature and the arts in a fun and enriching way.

With a diverse and exciting program, FLIC promises to offer an unforgettable weekend full of inspiration.