Enjoy an original evening in IceBarcelona

Enjoy an original evening in IceBarcelona

IceBarcelona means being able to really enjoy a drink or a delicious cocktail at the North Pole itself. What a wonderful feeling in the middle of the most renowned Ice Bar in Barcelona.

If you want to live a totally different experience or surprise your partner with a truly original evening, this Ice Bar is the best plan you can invest in.

The IceBarcelona

When you enter this majestic and incredible place you will enjoy an intimate ice room with an exclusive decoration of hand-carved ice sculptures. There you can enjoy a drink at a temperature you are not used to in Barcelona.

The main space is completely covered with walls, furniture and ice decorations, which harmonize with the spectacular sculptures of international carvers with different themes.

Every year these sculptures are renewed according to the theme of the season, so that every time visitors go there, they do so with the expectation of always finding something different and new.

How do you start your visit to IceBarcelona?

Just when you arrive at the bar you will be greeted by an attentive bar representative who will provide you with warm clothes (gloves and jacket) to keep you warm and comfortable during your stay there. You will then be able to go to the ice room where you will be entitled to a drink with your admission ticket.

You will be able to stay in the main room all the time, however you should be very aware that after about 45 minutes the cold is already very noticeable and you can feel it all over.

Ice-cocktails to enjoy at the bar

You will have to consider that due to the limitations caused by such low temperatures on site, the cocktail offer is limited to those suggested by IceBarcelona.

At these temperatures cocktail ingredients may freeze or even carbonated drinks may burst. For this reason, the Bar created a menu of special cocktails inspired by the theme of the season and that guarantee the safety and satisfy the good taste of its visitors.

Being five degrees below zero it is not possible to order a mojito. You will be in the middle of the ice bar. It would not be easy to prepare and preserve the ingredients without freezing. Better go with an open mind to accept to drink delicious and cold cocktails exclusive to this place.

Here are some of them:

Top Rum: contains rum that tastes delicious in an ice room. If you like sweet and colorful this is your cocktail.

ET on the beach: ET the extraterrestrial is the best-selling cocktail. In a glass of ice you can enjoy Stolichnaya Vodka, strawberry liqueur and peach juice.