Dos Pebrots Restaurant, one of the 20 best in the world

Dos Pebrots Restaurant, one of the 20 best in the world

The renowned Dos Pebrots restaurant located in the heart of Barcelona, has been recognized as one of the 20 best in the world according to the prestigious magazine Food & Wine.

This establishment, located in the Raval neighborhood at Doctor Pou, 19, has captivated food lovers with its unique approach to Mediterranean cuisine and its ability to rescue age-old dishes.

What makes Dos Pebrots stand out is its commitment to exploring and reinterpreting the flavors of the past. Run by Albert Raurich, former head chef at El Bulli, and his collaborator Takeshi Somekawa, the restaurant offers a culinary experience that is truly a journey through the history of the Mediterranean.

The concept behind Dos Pebrots is more than just a restaurant: it is a gastronomic project dedicated to revisiting, contextualizing and reinterpreting the origins of Mediterranean cuisine.

To achieve this, Raurich and Somekawa have conducted extensive research in ancient texts and books, extracting recipes and culinary techniques from civilizations that have inhabited the Mediterranean coasts over the centuries.

Specialties at Dos Pebrots restaurant

Dos Pebrots’ menu is a treasure trove of dishes ranging from Ancient Rome to the Middle Ages, with influences from Ancient Persia and even references to literary works such as Don Quixote.

Diners can delight in a wide variety of options, from salted and cured meats and sausages to matured meats and fish, all prepared with exceptional care and attention.

Among the most outstanding dishes is the salpicón de lengua de vaca, a delicacy that used to adorn the tables of the Castilian nobility in the 16th century, as well as the lamb kebab, a delicacy that dates back to ancient Persia and is considered one of the first snacks in history.

Prices at Dos Pebrots are affordable, with options ranging from €3.80 to €45.00, allowing diners to enjoy an exceptional dining experience without breaking the bank. In addition, the restaurant offers three different tasting menus, ranging from 75 € to 120 €, excluding drinks.

A great recognition

Dos Pebrots’ recognition as one of the best restaurants in the world is a testament to its dedication to culinary excellence and its ability to transport diners through time and space with every bite.

Dos Pebrots’ gastronomic proposal is a journey through time and space, from the Paleolithic to the Middle Ages, passing through Roman times and Ancient Persia. The restaurant’s menu is full of dishes that pay homage to the different cultures that have left their mark on the Mediterranean over the centuries.