Open days at the Port of Barcelona

Open days at the Port of Barcelona

The Port of Barcelona has always been a fundamental part of the city’s life. However, beyond simply being a point of entry and exit of goods, what do we really know about this complex web of logistics and trade that is part of our daily lives? To answer this question and offer a more complete view of its operation, history and future projects, the Port has decided to hold open days from May 24 to 26, 2024.

Under the suggestive slogan “Endinasa’t al Port” (Enter the Port), this initiative seeks to bring citizens closer to the reality of the Port, allowing everyone to have the opportunity to learn about this important core of economic and commercial activity.

During these three days, a series of activities designed to offer a complete and varied vision of what the Port of Barcelona has to offer will take place.

From guided tours by land and sea to dramatized explanations, participants will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the daily routine of the Port and discover some of its most unknown corners.

Open days at the Port of Barcelona

One of the most outstanding features of these days is the possibility of accessing areas that are normally restricted to the public, such as the Logistics Activities Zone (ZAL) and the Best terminal.

This is a unique opportunity to explore these usually inaccessible spaces and to better understand their functioning and importance within the Port as a whole.

In addition to the guided tours, there will be a wide variety of informative activities, talks, workshops and family activities, which will offer a more detailed view of various aspects of the Port, from its history to its future projects.

Two museums join the initiative

But the open days will not be limited to the Port of Barcelona. In parallel, the Maritime Museum of Barcelona and the Museum of the History of Catalonia will also join the initiative, offering special activities so that visitors can learn about the Port from different perspectives.

At the Maritime Museum, there will be an exhibition of historic vessels in the waters of the port, while the History Museum will offer a guided tour of its permanent exhibition.

These complementary activities will allow visitors to obtain a more complete and in-depth vision of the Port and its role in the history and life of the city.

You can book on the website, with a symbolic cost of one euro, which includes a free gift. Visits will be from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm.

The Port of Barcelona’s open days promise to be a unique opportunity to enter the heart of this vital infrastructure and discover all its secrets.